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Pan Fried Haloumi

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Grated Lemon Zest & Squeezed Lemon Juice on it
Pan Fried Haloumi

OK, I'm inspired to write. Or is that to regurgitate? ;-)

In any case, whatever it is, I felt I should share my experience of Pan Fried Haloumi.

I've seen this done by quite a few cooks. Nigella being the latest.

I didn't have her recipe but how hard could it be?

And I was correct in that it was easy.

I bought a packet of Haloumi cheese from TMC. Can't remember the brand. Sliced it in thirds and then divided that into 3 thin pieces each.

I drizzled a smattering of olive oil onto a hot non stick pan and waited for it to just being smoking.

Having thrown in the Haloumi I started to get worried that it would be like Mozarella and melt on me. But it didn't.

In less than a minute (at least it seemed like that) I flipped it and it was a nice golden brown.

Grated some yellow yellow lemon zest onto it and then squeezed half a lemon to add zing. I would imagine that it would taste divine with an herb sprinkled on top as well. Take your pick. Something herbaceous and grassy would be appropriate.

It was divine. Lemony, salty, firm, bitey, it was everything I had hoped it would be. Makes a brilliant starter.


*shy* Err what's Haloumi?

It's delicious with spicy tomato salsa as well ;-) (or for a slightly healthier option, you could always grill the cheese)

tummy; type of cheese. ;-)

alice; yes I would imagine so. :-) Healthier? hmmm ;-) Olive oil is healthy...and on a non stick pan, a tsp or 2 is more than sufficient. ;-) And faster! But yes you could grill it.

i saw the haloumi and paneer in tmc...surely there must be somewhere ELSE we can buy these things at less cut throat prices. must check out the iranian supermarket boolicious was talking about.

FBB; what iranian supermarket? I wanna know ;-)

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