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Half Boiled Eggs for breakfast

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

One of my favourite breakfasts. Half boiled eggs, soya sauce, two slices of whole wheat bread generously slathered with good salted butter and some kaya (coconut jam) or marmalade.

Yes, yes, I've heard the whole salmonella thing. But if you have to worry about every little thing, then don't get up and certainly don't start driving.



Bleh. Salmonella.

I still love eggs! :)

hehe Yeah Savante so do I. Scrambled, fried or deep fried, omelette, custard, anyway I can get em I'll eat em. Major Yummylicious.

Now there's a pair of beautiful yolks.


And probably one of the most healthy ways to eat egg, actually. Better than having to drink them raw... certainly lower-cal than fried...

..incidentally, have you noticed that these newfangled Alpha Omega Whatnot egg yolks don't taste as good as the old ones?

Hey Sneexe, yeah love the glossy richness of the wobbly yolks. Especially when they're hot and oozing over kaya toast! ;-) Poached is good too. But I've never gotten them perfectly round. My next mission... ;-)

Not as rich and eggy yes. Nothing like the kampung ones. But from what I hear, that gorgeous orangy colour that the kampung ones used to have is from eating earthworms. hehe

Ah isn't it wonderful what real live and wriggling protein sources can do for egg production....

But why do they need to be perfectly round? Squooshy bursting bags of liquid will assume any shape they want after all :)

sneexe, maybe not round lah but you know how chefs actually get them nice and symmetrical? Sort of this smooth ovoid with the white clinging to the yolk? Turns out, they use fresh as fresh eggs and then trim...no big secret... ;-)

hmmm the pair of egg yolks in the photo looks like Pamela Anderson's boobs... hahaha Yeah, who doesn't like eggs? Gimme eggs in any form, i'll eat them. My dad is like 80+ and he still eats an egg a day [sometimes 2] for breakfast. But his son is too lazy to make breakfast once gone to this concrete city~~ phuh~ i miss my dad's eggs.

* hmm that doesn't sounds right...

i think this was God's greatest gift to mankind, viz a viz food. two half boiled eggs, with toast and kaya to dip in hor!!!!
i bet when we get to heaven, or wherever, we'd find out that cholestrol from eggs is a myth perpertrated by wicked nefarious non egg lovers.

oh, and ya, i noticed you've suddenly been very present in that circle of the food bloggers that met up recently. such a fun crowd that one. must organise another one soon, and you must come ya.

Fable Frog; *raises eyebrows* Things that make you go hmmm ;) And I think my yolks looked better than Pam Anderson's boobs! ;-)

Fatboybakes; yeah, I actually have a lot of fun writing and reading about what other people think. Not much of a critic because I lurrrvveee all types of food. Would love to come to a floggers gathering one day.

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