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Redang Kalong here we come

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

I'll be off for a few days. And since it's a dive resort, I'm not certain if there will be internet facilities. Don't be too surprised if I'm on though. I might try and sneak a post in somewhere.

YAY! Can't wait!


Haiyah Nigel...on holiday oso want to blog ar? That's a sign of a true addict lar. You want counselling?

LOL...no lah LL. Only wanna blog to show pics and make you envious! ;-) hehehehe

..i see you've got your holiday mood image all ready... cute dive instructor surfer dude mugshot plastered all over the KampungKayell title ;)

wow.....so good to go travel!! Hope u enjoy yr trip ya! Dun forgot to review bout yr trip when u r back!!

sneexe and jackson; yes very good to take a break and will review as soon as I have a moment to sort through pics...tons of them! :-)

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