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Ricky Martin in Speedos

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

OK, the man hasn't had a bona fide hit in...forever, but you can't deny that he has certain charms! >;-) Wouldn't you like to know how "he bangs?"

I truly did not time this post deliberately. In other words, it was NOT intentional on my part to insert it after the last post about half boiled eggs!


shakin his bon bons i see...

i can't help seeing him as one of those pretty boys who looked better when he was younger... he's gotten sort of heavyset as he aged... makes him look like a Mafia thug.

Now don't get me wrong, heavyset isn't a bad thing, it worked/works like magic on Sean Connery :)

Sze, I love bon bons! ;-)

Sneexe, heavyset...ummm maybe filled out with age is more like it. You gotta remember, he's only in his 30s. He doesn't look as delicate now as he did in his teens and early 20s, which to me is a good thing. More masculine now. And c'mon...he's got abs and pecs and...*blush* hehehe

Mmm... yummy

Hi Nigel!! Just came to check out your blog and oh my...! Obviously I'm not your primary audience lah. Anyway too bad I didn't know about your blog earlier. Otherwise would have asked you to join in our International Women's Day bloggers united campaign where we got everyone to post something on women on the same day yesterday, March 8.Kind of fun. Never mind, next time.

Livin la vida!!!! great pose Ricky:P


savante; shouldn't "yummy" be applied to the half boiled eggs?

MarinaM; Thanks for visiting. Yeah the blog is about fluff and catharsis. But anything I can help out with, here or at justheavenly.blogspot.com, give us a shout! Would be pleased to!

Envy; He must've known the paparazzi were around! Thanks for visiting dude. ;-)

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