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My new toy - Sony Ericsson K800i...and the Steamboat that went with it...

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

I just received my new toy. A Sony Ericsson K800i. Lest anyone think it was a frivolous purchase, let me assure you that I thought long and hard. And hard and long. Before I took the plunge. The decider was really that Allan's credit card had an offer we couldn't refuse. 12 months and it was like under RM150 per month.

So here are some pics relevant to my favourite subject...eating!

After boot camp tonight, the bunch of us, including our sensei and our "si mo", went into the deepest, darkest reaches of Taman Desa to seek out HO A ONE SEAFOOD STEAMBOAT.

Damn good value, if I do say so. Ended up paying RM20 per person.

"Stocking" up!

The Chilli makes it all right!

The food was awesome. Fresh, light, intense. I've always loved the contradictory textures in steamboat. Everything is fair game; from meat to fish, poultry to seafood, noodles to rice and many nowadays even use rice porridge to "fondue" your meat. And this one was really a good representative of the breed. Good strong stock. Meat which is fresh as fresh can be. And a nice large round table to yell accross.

Let's not forget the variety of condiments to eat it with. A tart, spicy chilli paste. Not a sauce. Nice amount of heat. Not too much.

And then, at the end, that stock. That wonderful, glorious stock. Every single flavour that you've cooked in it has deepened and sweetened it to the point that every single thing you've eaten is there. Melded together. Redolent of every good memory that you've experienced of the meal.


Nice phone! You work hard, so you deserve nice toys. I love my 80g iPod video, and if I bought another device now I'd feel as though I were cheating on it. Is that sick?

For a good laugh, visit this link:


Love to you both from sunny Miami!

Denise, you wench. Miss you and remember that pic. God! That seems like a lifetime ago. Which it was. Went to an 80s party tonight and the while I was jumping around on the dance floor, many of the memories that zipped through my head were of you guys and our times in London.

PS yes it's sick. How's South beach? ;-)

Wah. Canggih punya telephone.

Aiyo savante, no lah. It was on offer and I wanted a decent digital still cam to carry around. Seemed to fit the bill and would save me a bit of money buying both.


Hiya both

Am a big fan of your blog ... although I've never ever left a message for you before. Can't remember how I came across it though. So am glad that your blog's all 'active' again and look forward to reading your entries.

That's an excellent phone you have there. Don't own that particular one myself but know 2 people who do and they can't stop raving about it.

We had steamboat a few months back at a new (well, not so new now) Vietnamese restaurant near us ... and it wasn't that great and was so pricey compared to what you pay in Malaysia!! Was £25 for the both of us - and we probably got half of what you had and not-as-nice-soup! Mind you, it was a nice change though from the usual Chinese we always have.

Anyway, just thought I'd finally pop in and say 'hi'! Take care.

Alice (in Croydon) xx

seeing pictures like that is TORTURE for me!

I live so near to that place! hahaha, but I've never tried it though. hhehehe

Sze, if that's what it takes to get you back home then look out for more! ;-) By the way, we might be up your way in Oct. Got space for a couple of travellers? ;-) Looking for nice hungarian boys to party with! ;-) hehehe

Jase, go try. It's really good. Not to mention disgustingly healthy. Good blog by the way. ;-)

absolutely, you're very welcome to stay!

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