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Fraser's Hill

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

One can forget to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Literally.
Gorgeous flower - The ant thought so too

The birds are chirping, traffic noise is only recognizable as a distant Doppler roar, the sun is shining brightly and dominating that is the sweet, sweet sound of stillness.

No insane ringing of phones, no clamouring for attention, no orders to be filled, no duties to be completed before the end of the day.

Allan and I decided to take a slow, deep breath and head up to Fraser’s Hill for a couple of nights.

It is so incredibly invigorating to be enveloped in a stillness that is almost never present in Kuala Lumpur anymore. There is so much to hear though. The cicadas cyclical chirping, the crickets calling, and wait, that sounds like birds’ singing.

At some point, your body says “enough.” We actually came to that point a little before Chinese New Year. Things that wouldn't have been an issue became contentious and things felt like they were beginning to crowd in. Perspective was in short supply and mountains were growing out of mole hills. But the work needed to be completed and it wasn’t till this week that we managed to take a couple of days off.

In actual fact, this short little breather is really a stop gap measure. Our Godson J is coming up and a whole bunch of us are going to Redang and staying at Redang Kalong. A few of us are getting certified and the rest of us are certifiable anyway, so we're going DIVING!

But back to Fraser's. We slept. And slept. And slept. Stayed at the Methodist bungalow which was clean but basic.
The Methodist Bungalow

The adventure bug kicked in as we wound our way back down to the bottom of the Gap. But that's part 2 of the entry.

Great Local Coffee with a smidgen of Milk

First night dinner - Chicken Chop


oh my.

short trips like this is always. sweet. ok i think i'll be surprising joe next weekend.

oooooo yummy :)

joery; it was lovely. Where are you planning on taking joe? Is Joe, joel from YKLS? ;-)

sneexe; hehe the chicken chop was rathr yummy. wait till part 2 ;-)

I've never been there le. CNY has long ended and I'm still snacking on leftover goodies. Urgghh.

William, Fraser's virgin ah? OK Here's a tip...make it a partial road trip. Fraser's is VERY quiet. Not much to do. Make sure you bring board games, lots of books and a pair of walking shoes. The weather's gorgeous and as long as you don't expect strip malls it's a quiet , reflective sort of place.

Planning a trip to redang myself, in September. Do let us know how the stay at the resort was :) Am also going on a liveaboard to the Similan Island's the first week of April...Hahah, my annual supply of compressed air.

so quaint looking the methodist bungalow. how to book ah? does one have to be a methodist and pledge allegiance to the methodist church?

do they still have hainanese cooks making chicken chop?

ps- i've linked ur profile oso on my blog. (the one which floggers read)

small world isnt it.
i am thinking to go some waterfall with him.

i always like waterfalls, been going to the one at ulu yam

any takers ?

unkaleong ah, don't lah make me depressed. Can't do our big dive trip this year. Cuz getting married in UK so have to sacrifice Manado for that! Take pics of Similan man. We're staying at Redang Kalong. Will have a full report here. ;-)

FBB;The bungalow we stay in usually takes about 8 people so had to do the Methodist bungalow. Very basic but clean. RM70 per room per night. Food is about RM30 per day. Some of the dishes were very good like the chicken chop. But some ok only lah.

Joery; Go Kenyir. Allan's dad used to have a rakit there. But the waterfall there is still there. It's gorgeous. It's secluded and it has this ultra hidden pool for canoodling! hehehehe Did I mention crystal clear water?

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