Food, life, and fun in my "kampung,"(village), KL (Kuala Lumpur). Did I mention "food?"

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Shang Penang is asking us if we can go up there to sing for them. Yay!

Chwee yeen, one of our good friends, who also happens to be a wedding planning client, just told us that Stephen Foong called her up after seeing me and her in a fabric store. He was actually nosy enough to ask her why she was with me!

When she told him that we're her wedding planners, he then proceeded to grill her about how much we were charging and that she should be careful we don't cheat her and asked if she has everything she needs. He then asked who's doing her cake and he told her that this wedding he did had the cake provided by us and that it was really dry and that no one wanted to take it home.

To say I was infuriated would be an understatement. Every vindictive instinct in me was geared up to take revenge on him for his unscrupulous and underhanded manner. And in many ways, we have enough information on him to ruin him. But upon consideration, I will NOT allow myself to stoop to his level.

We have made it almost like policy that we will never badmouth him or say anything bad about him or anyone else for that matter. It is not right! And it's always so easy to give in to that instinct which is only counterproductive. But this idiot really pushes my buttons!

For one thing, the man is as gay as anything. And worse...he's a married gay predator! He's gayer than I am for goodness sake! Has admitted to Allan that he has affairs with young men! He actually told Allan once that so long as he looks after his wife and children, they have nothing to complain about!

He doesn't pay his caterers. Once he's used one, he goes on to the next and the next, so much so that the caterers don't want to have anything more to do with him.

That's the sort of person he is!

And that's why we're not going to stoop to his level. Instead we're going to have a chat with him. And tell him that he needs to stop badmouthing us and that it's really silly to do that in this city. And we're going to do it in front of someone so there's no chance of him misquoting us. Goodness knows whether that will do any good but turning the other cheek doesn't mean that you must just back down from a fight. To me it means doing everything possible to alleviate the situation in a manner that is above board!

Why do you think I call K.L a kampung? Everyone else knows what everyone else is thinking and saying, let alone doing!

I actually had to say a short prayer just to calm myself down and stop myself from imagining all sorts of grisly entertainments that I would have LOVED to visit on him!

Having bitched about that, and gotten it off my chest, somewhat, let's MOVE ON....

Allan's cousins, and my "in laws" I guess, came over for dinner last night. His family have been awesome. Never in my wildest imaginings did I ever envisage being "accepted" as an out gay man in Malaysia. But his family have to every intent and purpose, accepted me as part of their own. I recognise it's because they love Allan very much and have basically made the choice with that in mind, but it still never ceases to amaze me. And whenever I think of that...well, my cup runneth over.

Not to mention how my Mum and Dad have taken the entire thing.

Talk about digressing...

As I was saying...we had dinner with most of Allan's cousins last night, including the other halves. Well, Chui and I made up "the other halves." It should have been Robert as well, Caroline's relatively new other, although a last minute cancellation on her part nixed that notion. The actual intention was to get together with Jade before she left for Oz on Thurs morning.

It turned out to be really fun. Without the parents and aunties there, the "kids" were a lot less inhibited and were very chatty. Especially Kevin, Bins, and Bryan. It seems that they've never actually done that before. So, it would seem that they might like to make it a regular thing. If we do, I think we need to find a way to split the cost. But I must admit that it would be good fun.

Mum's & Dad's place is also really good for things like this because the front lanai is great for sitting and shooting the breeze.

Absolutely no mood to work. Oh well, nose back to the grindstone...

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