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By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Another day. Another dollar?

Made a sales call on a potential client for our gift boxes. They were really enthused about the retro-ness of it all and it looks good.

Was just checking out face-pic.com. It's amazing at the number of people, especially gay men, who post their piccy there. I'm sure many of them are fakes but it's obvious that the ultimate goal of humanity is to connect with someone on some level. There are so many lonely people out there.

So to that end, I've put my pic up there so that if people want to talk to someone who has no ulterior motive, there is that opportunity. Well, I guess that's strictly speaking not true. The ulterior motive is really to give those younger ones of us who are just coming out the opportunity to speak with someone who may be able to offer a perspective on the whole thing.

I've also posted our photos of our new stuff up on the website. Actually, the stuff for Hari Raya. Check it out!

I'm rather proud of my old clunker actually.

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