Food, life, and fun in my "kampung,"(village), KL (Kuala Lumpur). Did I mention "food?"

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Pulling out the rest of my hair thinking of what I need to do!

Just checked the coconut souffle and it seems to have set very nicely, thank you very much, even with the reduced gelatin.

Gosh! It's amazing how time flies when you're having...errrmmm...a lot to do.

What with staying out too late on Jadie's last night and what seems like a million activities and deliveries a day, I don't seem to have time to think about anything substantive, let alone, change my underwear.

Jade left on Thursday morning so on Wednesday night, after having dinner with 2 Mums and 1 Dad at this place called Sin Kee in Brickfields (mental note: take people there for c&g food) we met up with her for a last hurrah at TSB.

Literally dragged Kevin along. Kevin is one of Allan's younger cousins. He's just turned 18 so Philip is determined to "show him the ropes" somewhat. I must admit that I really like Kevin. Level headed, unfailingly polite, and a generous old soul. His siblings Bryan and Bins are also lovely kids.

Not one for partying obviously as he drank a couple of beers and then had a sip of a Caipirinha, which tasted more like a Long Island Ice Tea. Would have thought that it would be more...zippy, somehow.

Was all ready to take it easy on Thursday night after the night out on Wednesday but felt like company for dinner since Allan had gone to get his bum massaged or something. So having splurged RM50 on a wetsuit at Johnny's, Chris, Chui, Daniel and I went to Grand City in PJ for Indian food. Good Thosai. Good Price. Dinner for the 4 of us came to about RM30. Yum!

Good news is we have an intern, who didn't expect to be paid but we're paying anyway. We believe you should be paid what you're worth and are trying to keep that practice. Her name is Emily, a pretty little Korean girl studying Hospitality Management at Taylor's College. She came to us courtesy of Eddie Tan, one of our good friends.

Fully expected to stay in on Friday night but again was "persuaded" to go see a movie. Unfortunately, said movie, "Seabiscuit" was only showing at 1130pm so Allan and I decided that we needed to be good boys and have dinner at home and then call it a night. Only problem was, a few crossed wires later, we found ourselves sitting having drinks with Chui, Dan, and Chris at Mid Valley. Had a good giggle planning evil vengeance on the dark dominatrix of wedding planning herself, yes, HERSELF, Stephen Foong. Not going to carry it out of course. But just because I'm not, doesn't mean someone else isn't. From what I hear he's offended pretty much everyone he comes in contact with unless he wants something from you. Then he's saccharin sweet. *shudder*

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