Food, life, and fun in my "kampung,"(village), KL (Kuala Lumpur). Did I mention "food?"

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hopefully Haloscan works better than Squawkbox.tv. I've been asked to include comments and I blithely agreed, not quite knowing (as usual) what was in store.

What with all the "a href" and instructions to copy the "script" and put it in between the "headers," my head is swimming.

It was nice to see the dive gang again when we met last night at Chef Ken's. I felt the steak, while scrumptious, was rather emaciated. I think steaks should take after the cattle they come from. Thick, beefy, and juicy. Having said that, I've always believed the measure of a good steak joint is in the way they make a steak. Steaks smothered in pints of some obscure viscous fluid aren't steaks. They're stewed beef which have been seared and the so called gravy liberally applied for the specific purpose of disguising a cheap cut.

Dessert was our Tiramisu which seemed a touch bland this time round. Must have a chat with Yoke Mun. There didn't seem to be enough Rum flavouring in it.

All in all, a lovely evening, capped by conversation which quickly proceeded down the slippery slope to the shameless depths of The Puppetry of the Penis. Say no more!

Sometimes it's nice to speak with people who don't agree with you all the time. You know who you are! Only because it does force you to think about what you do stand for and why you do so. Though I must admit, I'm sometimes in the mood to exercise the grey matter rather than get exercised about why people don't agree with me when I'm usually right about...well, most everything!

Singing rehearsal tomorrow for Sunday's show. Should be fun to appear in a Christmas special even if it's on RTM.

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