Food, life, and fun in my "kampung,"(village), KL (Kuala Lumpur). Did I mention "food?"


By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Celebration time come on! Remember that Kool & The Gang song? If you do, then you are of a "certain age." But it's still so appropo for certain occasions. ;-)

Keith, Allan's best buddy from High School had just come back from Amsterdam where he's made his home and we were out for a night on the town. Nerovivo was suggested.
We've been to Nerovivo a couple of times before and it never disappointed. From the antipasti to their pizzas, we've always found them well priced, unpretentious, good Italian food.
Mussels in broth. Generous portions with a rich, stock with hints of herb and tomatoes, infused with the scent of the mussels, it was hard to lay off the bread that was laid on to dip into the sweet liquid.
Great wood fired flatbread dipped in Italian Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. You can tell Italian from Spanish as Italian Olive Oil tends to have more of a bitter bite. Spanish is fruitier.
Allan and Keith
Buffalo mozarella and tomatoes. Great dish. But unfortunately let down by the quality of tomatoes. Something that I don't blame Paolo (owner and chef) for. It's almost impossible to get ripe, fragrant tomatoes in this country. God knows why. A tomato should be sweet and savoury at the same time and have a taste that is all summer. The ones we get here are slightly acidic (read sourish) and tasteless. But I loved the buffalo mozarella and could eat that all day.
Great pizza. Flaky bread, generous amounts of tomato sauce, and stringy savoury cheese.
I love meat. Did I mention I love meat? A lamb shank to die for. Tender, unctuous, meltingly gamy, along with garlic mash. Yum.
A well oiled pasta. Scallops and chillis with arugula. Fresh bitter bite of arugula combined with the very rich mouthfeel of generously garlick-ed pasta made for a very satisfying experience.
The obligatory salad - I need my fibre
Chocolatello and Limoncello. An after dinner digestif. A sweet, chocolate liquor with the warmth of alcohol steaming its way up your nose OR a lemony but NOT tart sweetness with the bitter bite of grain alcohol soothing its way down your throat was the perfect way of ending your meal.
A peach tart with warm vanilla creme sandwiched between flaky layers of warm pastry. Imagine if you will, cool & sweet but firm peaches resting on a luscious, lustrous vanilla creme, sandwiched between buttery flaky and warm pastry. With every bite you experience the perfect contrast of flavour, temperature and texture.
Strachiatella. A white and dark chocolate combo in a chocolate wafer cup. Good, honest, home made Gelato.
A Chocolate flan with chocolate sauce garnished with blueberries. A Nerovivo take on the classic fallen chocolate cake with the warm molten centre. Good chocolate is the secret here and Paolo did not skimp.

Nerovivo. Thoroughly recommended. For 5 people, 2 bottles of wine and great food, a bill just a touch over RM600. What more could you ask for in KL?

3A, Jalan Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03-20703120


Good Food and Good Friends....what more could one ask for? ;o)

a pretty good price. when you come, we must go to klassz, a nifty little restaurant i know with good food and ambience at reasonable prices

shit..i think i shall have my burfday celebration here..confirmed!..wahahaha...

wmw; for sure :-)

sze; yay! :-)

joe; can! Set!

I heard that they serve very good Tiramisu too.

Ooh Nerovivo. Must go try.

precious; don't know lah. I know Sassorosso does one.

savante; yes, do :-)

quite reasonably priced hor, with two bottles of wine sum more.

ooh, nipples, are we gonna be invited?

Have you tried Nerofico - the Nero guy's new outlet in Damansara Heights? I went there at the weekend and I was sooooo impressed. I think this will become one of my favourite places in the city. You must try it!!!!

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