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Anonymous Comments v Registered Users only

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Decisions that I make regarding anything I post on this blog or what people choose to post in terms of comments etc are usually guided by one very simple rule.

Do unto others...

I choose to post under my name because I believe that if people don't agree with me, then they know who to come and tell off. ;-)

Kampungkayell is, for lack of a better phrase, a window into my life. For better or for worse, warts and all, it's garnered a new group of friends and its helped me understand other people better and perhaps become more empathetic.

It is also a responsibility. For me. A responsibility in the sense that there are people out there, friends and those who don't know me who will agree (periodically) or disagree (periodically) with positions I take and opinions I express. They need to know that they can debate this with me. At the end of the day, I'm all for changing my mind PROVIDED someone can persuade me that my position or opinion merits a change of mind. And it also helps me think through many things because I believe that BEFORE I express an opinion I'd better have thought it out thoroughly based on my beliefs and experience and education.

After all, the opinions I express are only worth their salt BECAUSE of who I am and what I stand for. If I don't attach my name to it, they're as much hot air. People who change minds are those who are not afraid to state what they believe and stand by it with their names, until a better way is shown to them.

Because of this, I've changed my settings on my blog to disallow anonymous comments.

And no, the last anonymous commenter on the previous post is NOT the one who prompted this change. Its a change that has been coming for sometime and something I've thought about for a bit. Though I must admit, the anonymous commenter was the one who brought that thought to the fore again. I believe, that whereever you are, whether in real life or in cyberspace, your name needs to stand for something. If you don't choose to put your name to it (and there are legal reasons you might choose not to; not just because you don't want to be known) then don't post it.

People need to value themselves more and believe that what they say counts for something. Even if they think it sounds silly. Because what they say IS who they are, they should attach their names to it. Besides, opinions expressed need to have accountability and responsibility. In ANYTHING that we choose to do. People need to be able to come back to you and say "look, that's great" or "look, I don't agree with you."

Otherwise, why even bother?


WooTWooT!! I'm not a Nonny Mouse!! :D

So... whassup lah? What's the big brouhaha about the anonymousiness? Anyway, I've never allowed non-registered users on mine... so. There ya go.

Then again, nobody reads. So, no problem :D

Time for us to say "I've registered, have you???"...

LOL Hey aari ;-) With you, I'm never worried about non-registeredness! ;-) hugs

wmw; you've ALWAYS been regged! ;-)

i share the same thots as you. i turned it off a few weeks back but boy, i really regretted it, so i have it back on haha...

Aiii...Nigel, I also started to moderate my comments cos suddenly am being attacked by anonymous(es) who just can't stand the way i eat and travel. Anyway, I feel much better doing it this way cos I have more control over my blog.

wat happened to the food..pls continue with more food stuff lar..dont worry..even wif anonymous..you can recognise me through my t shirt

Good more....it also helps reduce spammers selling stuff.

babekl; wow...is spam attacks that big an issue ah?

precious; you'll always have people who disagree. But I hope people will be mature enough to talk and debate about it in a civilised way.

joe; just one word. "nipple"

sneexe; yes it does

Yeah I agree with the Joe-dude, where's the pics of the food? I is still waiting for my nipple cake pic? Woo...must be careful how I phrase that...xx for u and your bee..

kazza; glad you doing well. sometimes have to spend time with words lah ;-) Will pass you a pic. But I don't think it's the pic of the cake. :-)

and the other thing about non-regs as you put it is the blog spams.

but there is something to be said i think for people to be able to voice their opinions anonymously in a society where there's always so much judgement on aspects of your life unrelated to the statement you've just made. keeps debate alive including people who would otherwise stay quiet to save their necks.

sze; :-) While that's true I think people need to also learn to say things in ways that other people (in this country) can accept. Furthermore, anonymous comments encourages personal attacks. There is absolutely no accountability so people think they can say what they want without any thought of taking responsibility for what they say. There needs to be a balance. I think people here are slowly learning that. You need to get over the anxiety of causing a ruckus and believing that you have something worthwhile to say, in a way that the message can be processed.

yes you're right that anonymous messages require no thought whatsoever since you're not attaching your name to it. but in a situation where your position or even safety would be threatened if you were honest, i think it has its place, whether it's an evaluation of a manager or an expose/whistle blowing situation.

Sze; I concede that. But not on this blog :-) I don't deal with issues contentious enough to warrant anonymity. :-)

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