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Bisou for breakfast

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Bisou. Bijou. Bianco. Kiss. Jewel. White. Alliterations galore. All 3 restaurants belong to the same group. Bisou being the newest. Situtated at the site of the old Vanilla Box on Asian Heritage Row.



After dropping off a wedding cake at the Crowne Plaza at 930am, we decided to head out for breakfast. It was a slow day and it was a wonderful time to enjoy some quality togetherness.

Bisou is the newest brainchild of two restauranteurs who have a history with other notable restaurants in KL.

Raymond the manager, Mariani (I hope that's the correct spelling) and the waiter were very friendly and helpful.

The ambience was fresh, contemporary, bright, and reminiscent of a suburban Australian bistro which serves breakfast. Which they do.

Since Allan and I had breakfast already, we decided to order one large plate and share. The Big Breakfast did the trick. Yes, that's what it was called. Baked beans, toast, butter, eggs (which we ordered as an omelette), fried mushrooms, and a sausage, chicken of course.


We enjoyed it. I feel that you can't go wrong with eggs. And that was exactly the case here. (Nitpicking ahead). The omelette was a little under salted. It was also overcooked. I like the French style of cooking omelettes. Hot fire. Eggs blended in a bowl. A little good quality oil which is on the verge of smoking. And then in they go and stirred till they ALMOST set. Remove from the heat while there's still a little slurry of eggs in there and fold. Allow the residual heat to firm it up to the consistency of creme caramel. Which is to say, slightly soft.

This wasn't it. The eggs were cooked to the point of almost being dry.

But as I said, it didn't detract from the experience. The sausage was good. The mushrooms cooked till they were flavourful. And the baked beans on toast. Well, for me, that's always been comfort food.

We also had coffee from Coffex, which is to say, they serve a good quality brew and a muffin (available with your coffee at the promotional price of RM2). The muffin was still warm and the butter was nice and soft.

Now, restaurants, if you're reading, please use good quality SALTED butter for customers to use as a spread. UN-salted butter should only be used for cooking!


I thouroughly enjoyed the fact that this was a non-smoking place! Fantastic!


Bisou's cupcakes are quite well known in town, having made their name in a place called Fit For Two.


We also bought an Orange Semolina cake with a Rosemary syrup soaked in. Very nice. Moist, citrusy, and a great tea cake. Served as a slice off a loaf, it looked and tasted generous.

Factoring in everything as a whole, it was a delightful experience. Recommended.

Bisou Bake Shop
Asian Heritage Row
No 58 Jalan Doraisamy
50300 Kuala Lumpur


Tel; 03-26970131


I love the french style of omelettes too. Had an excellent one at Cuisine Studio which was done perfectly.

The decor of this place is really refreshing and best of all, my fav is the conservatory look in front with the white frames and see through glass.

Going there on a Sunday morning is perfect. The roads are still deserted, so parking is a breeze. It makes for a wonderful start to a lovely Sunday. :-)

boo; they totally remembered you lah :-) Mariani and Raymond ;-) at Bisou I mean. :)

LL; Yes it was a lovely Sunday. Cool, and cloudy ;-) Glad you had a good time! :-)

Mmm...will make it a point to go there on a Sunday! :)

poor thing..the omelette looks kinda crap from the pic..hahah

wmw; LL went last sunday ;-)

Joe; it was a little flat. But then again, as I said, you can't go too far wrong with eggs. Not crap lah bro, just not optimal. And on such semantics are blogs born! ;-)

Orange semolina. Yum. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water.

Odd. No mention of the wait staff. :P

Dr; Don't know what you mean about the wait staff...but this sentence was in there ;-)

"Raymond the manager, Mariani (I hope that's the correct spelling) and the waiter were very friendly and helpful."

YES, SALTED BUTTER PLEASE. what is WRONG with all these places, from 6 star hotels, to trendy cafes, and UNSALTED Butter!!!! PLEEEASE, restauranteurs, that teeeny weeny bit of salt in the butter, while making a large difference in taste, is HARDLY gonna give us a stroke from the salt. Nigel, you are so right. We should start a PLUSSBUTT campaign. (PLEASE SERVE SALTED BUTTER)
Death to unsalted butter...for eating. Fine for baking.


FBB; such an impassioned plea for salted butter. And yes, I agree with you and I knew what the acronym stood for. Though the other is also quite acceptable :-)

wow... beautiful cupcakes!!

Yes Jackson, very pretty :-)

Ooo...so this is the place you mentioned in your sms. Sounds good, but where is this Asian Heritage Row. Sorry, am quite bad when it comes to places in KL.

Pea, where Bar Sa Vanh is. Jln Doraisamy by the side of Sheraton Imperial :-)

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