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King Crab Restaurant & Jackson's Birthday

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

On Monday, May Wan of wmw sms-es me and says "Jackson's Birthday at kokopeli on Wed. 7.30pm."

Cool! Never been to Kokopeli.

A day later, another sms, this time from Jason of Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong with the same message.

On the day of the dinner another sms, "Venue change to William." Great never been there either.

A few hours later, "Raining. Venue change back to Kokopeli."

30 mins later, "Don't want to go into town. Going King Crab in Taman Mayang instead."

And I still haven't been to any of these venues.

Suffice to say, a few sms-es of directions later, we're sitting in King Crab Restaurant all ready to celebrate Jackson's birthday and enjoy the Butter Crab that Ivy is raving about. She really loves her food that one. On the one hand, she's swigging cough mixture so she'll feel well enough to eat. In the other hand, she's vigourously spooning up enough Butter Gravy to, as she said, "fill her cough mixture bottle when she finishes it, so I can have some with bread at home." Before all of you draw any conclusion from this, let me say that reason won out and she didn't do as she threatened!

Teckiee enjoying the butter crab

The Butter crab was one of the most gorgeous things to have passed my lips in a long time. Obviously, full of transfats, because of the margarine but still worth every artery clogging moment. Yes, boys and girls, chinese restaurant chefs prefer using margarine. Although they may borrow that most hallowed word, "Butter" but strictly speaking it's margarine. You must admit, "Margarine" Crab just doesn't have that ring!

Creamy, luscious, and cooked just enough so the crab was not harsh and dry, it was extremely well done.

The butter crab in it's natural state before Teckiee got her claws on it

Noodles for the Birthday Boy
The Noodles were good, meaning they were par for the course. Chives, beansprouts, mushrooms, and slivers of pork sauteed and then doused in a little bit of thickened gravy.

Another must-have dish when you come to King Crab. The Salted Egg Sotong/Calamari

Allan positively swooned when he ate this dish. Lightly battered and deep fried with Salted egg. I believe they actually use just the yolks in this application. Salty, crunchy, hot (temperature), and most importantly, the calamari was not overcooked to the point of being rubbery. An interesting application of the salted egg batter which has been seen in Crabs for sometime.

Obligatory Fibre - Kai Lan

Man Tou to sop up the gorgeous crab gravy

It was unfortunate that they brought the mantou out so soon as it was cold by the time the Crabs came out. But no one complained. The crab gravy was piping and as it brushed past the taste buds on my tongue, for me, it was the new chocolate!

Little crabs eaten by the clams
Clams in broth
Glazed Pork Ribs
A cold, cold, did I say cold? beer!
Wmw acting as she must,as is her wont.
Jackson Kah, his shit eating grin, with the Kueh Ko-chi we gave him as part of his birthday present seen here inserting said Kueh into a Bagel Hole. Things that make you go hmmm??
Achar - crunchy, tangy, sweet, sour, and salty - a perfect appetizer to "hoy wei" or "open your stomach"
Baked Salted Fish - very good - the firm white flesh flaked off and was lightly salted and you could tell they had a deft hand with fish
Yay! Pressie! ;-) Happy Birthday Jackson.

The condiments were also yummy. I mention the condiments only because Teckiee wanted a bottle of the green chilli sauce that accompanied the fish, so Allan suggested we all take some and ended up buying 13 bottles. 13 bottles because with 10 bottles 3 were given free.

All in all a laughter filled evening, which seems to be the norm when the food bloggers/floggers get together. The food was good,and the company exemplary. What more could one ask for?

King Crab Restaurant (in the shoplots directly opposite the Kelana Jaya Putra LRT station)
No 103-105 Jalan SS25/2
Tmn Mewah Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel; 03-78082388


im still drooling over king crab..still waitin for an invite..argh!!!...i wish the lala could just eat me up so i dont have to get tortured by the butter crabs..

Wah, blogger reveal and name given...hahaha. Nigel, even in writing, some things are still the same! ;P

Glad you guys like the food...anyway, was told that Hairy Crab season is coming soon. Keen to try?

Tried to fry kai lan that way but always found it near impossible to get my wok hot enough to sizzle them to a crisp.

Paul, It needs to be sugared...

great shots of the fellow bloggers~ ;)

cookies_cream; thanks :-)

Hahaha...such a fickle lot you are ;)

wmw; cos SOME people got nothing to hide! ;-)

Gorgeous food, delectable floggers!

tummy; agree re the food...love the floggers too ;-)

oohhh.... thx for the dinner! Can i hv all the picture?? hehe

jackson; its on my flickr. go get it :-)

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