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Restaurant Hup Yik - Fuzhou Fish Balls

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Tucked away under the underpass by the Pudu Market

My Mum was sweet enough to loan us the use of her credit card. Basically, the place where we were supposed to pick up some equipment was running an offer with a particular bank whose credit card I didn't carry but Mum did. So there we were signing my life away - because I have to pay the monthly installments, and then I had a brainwave. Just 5 minutes down the road from where we were purchasing the equipment was this restaurant near Pudu market that sold the only Fuzhou Fishballs I knew of. Great stuff! I would take her there for lunch.

Fuzhou Fishballs are basically fishballs about the size of a golf ball, filled with minced pork. Not much in this world is better in my opinion.

The Fishballs and Kway Teow were divine. The stock was rich, flavoured with choy korn and it was a hearty enough lunch. Not a HUGE portion but plenty large enough for us. And Mum added a bowl of Sway Kow to it. Huge, meaty buggers! :-)

For drinks, Mum had a "Michael Jackson" and I stuck to my tried and true "Leong Fun." A "Michael Jackson" is soya bean drink with "leong fun" mixed in.
Leong Fun or Cincau - absolutely the best drink for a hot day
Fuzhou Fishball
They also serve the Fuzhou Red Wine Chicken

The stall at the entrance where they fix your food and sell frozen fishballs
The meaty sway kow
Mum's "Michael Jackson" - Note the black strands running through the cream
The almost golf ball size fuzhou fishball

Must go back for their Fuzhou Red Wine Chicken next time and see if it's anything near as good as Allan's. ;-)


The fishballs here are really great. My experience with the red wine chicken wasn't so good, but I was told later that I should have requested for more wine in the dish.

You should try my Fuzhou Fish Balls too :P

And hey, I've been to that shop too. Then again courtesy of my clannish aunt, I've been to every Fuzhou shop in a hundred mile radius.

"The meaty sway kow"

OMG, this is the first time I've seen this spelling. I love it!

is this is the same row where u can get the yummy lam mee?? you can actually buy them back frozen i think..did it back ages ago..for steamboat..the meat inside is just wow!

Sway kow??? I feel like breaking out into a song and dance! Ha ha ha...

savante; would love to try your Fuzhou Fish balls, but they better be smooth and filled with meaty goodness like these.

william; thanks...I think...it just sounded like the cantonese

joe; don't know about the lum mee. But you can get them frozen. And they've got different fillings now. Prawn and one other.

wmw; "do the sway kow" ;-)

by the way, nigella cd ready. managed to burn in in office burner, couldnt burn at home. where's your shop ah?

Must try the red wine chicken..it might look gross but trust me the taste is great

You mean Allan makes great red wine chicken??

Wmw, i would like to see you dance...lol!

FBB; Thanks man. Can come by shop if you'd like. We actually going to be hanging around damansara a lot these coupla days to oversee new shop opening and tying up loose ends. Wanna come and kay poh?

kgboycitygal; yeah it tastes great. ESPECIALLY with added chinese glutinous wine

precious pea; yes he does. he good cook ;-)

Love those fishballs! I remembered the first time I ate them I didn't know there was meat inside. The juicy meat juice burnt my mouth. Was more alert eating them the second time.

teckiee; yes, that and xiu long bao

hey, seems like you two have been feeding well, I suppose hehe :) oo..look at that single-out bouncy fish balls :P

meltingwok; haha! AlWAYS well fed for sure. :-)

Nigel/Allan - you're moving - AGAIN??!! Where to please?? No more in LG?? Dora

Hey Dora; no lah dear. We've moved to Jln Terasek. Since July last year. But Just Heavenly Pleasures is a retail outlet.

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