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By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Sipping my apple lime crush at Vivo, Pizza and Panini, a grinning, toothy, unkaleong and a slinky, hot Sze sidles up and gives me one of her lovely hugs. You know the ones I mean. A loving, affectionate hug that envelops you with the other person's aura. Not a "lean-forward-chin-on-shoulder-pat-pat-on-back-break-off-asap" type hug.

And that was the start to a hilarious evening.

From relationships to food, to sex (of course), and to alcohol, which of course then includes scuba diving, travelling, passports, our immigration officers, why women find gay men such a challenge, I don't think we left any stone unturned, any topic unexplored. Of course all this was done under the influence of a balmy night, with a slight cool breeze blowing; the after effects of an otherwise thunderous day.
It really was a great introduction to some new bloggers/friends;


The rest, you know. Unkaleong, who has one of the most scintillating smiles I've seen in a long time, Jadedpoetry, who was her usual measured but knowing self, Lyrical Lemongrass, and of course the ever effervescent, ugwug or as she prefers to be known, wmw.

From soul baring to flaunting abs, you name it, the night air was to blame. New and old friends sharing a laugh, getting to know each other, and renewing bonds with only the impending end of the night to regret.
Lyrical Lemongrass very kindly loaned me the following photo, which really should be accompanied by her lyrical phrasing of the intent;

"And then there was Unkaleong who knew exactly what it would take to make us hungry. I later went home to eat some delicious wantan noodles with wild boar curry to satiate my hunger. But that's another story altogether."

Hmm sex, food, and fresh meat... Marie Antoinette knew what she was on about when she said "let them eat cake."

Photo Courtesy of awhiffoflemongrass.blogspot.com



Hahaha....looks like that abs pic will be circulated around...I'm gonna be a responsible citizen and just put up a pic of Unkaleong, eating profiteroles in my blog. Ha ha ha....

I say Nigel, I was hoping for some titillating photos of da femes unka from you... LOL

Hahaha... Everybody seems to love Unka's ab ^^

hey Nigel..i didnt realized u took the same shot as lemongrass for unkaleong abs. or u jus cut n paste it on... hmmm , i think i wanna do that too... is definaely goin to be circulate around. wahahaha....

oh yaa , u can jus write catsNdogs will do instead puttin the 'and '..

i love the cakes even jus a glance at ur site..cant wait to taste it. will drop by ur place soon.

"what an evening!!!"... quoting myself.

Anyway, it was a delightful experience meeting you guys. I think the only it could have been any better was if we were served "death by chocolate"... If it's so highly recommended, it must be that good! Looking forward to it.

btw you've got mail at kg KL at gmail dot com. hit me back as soon as you can.

Aiyo...Shy man...Hahaha...

alcohol is the source of happiness? true? haha definitely true for me.. grrr i want my six pack.and i m not referring to beer..

woo. abs. on a food blog? Hmm.

ps: Am pretty dissatisfied at the Laundry service - was there Sunday night and waited over an hour for a cocktail that never came in spite of 4 reminders... :p

not even an apology.

I've decided to sell the picture. Can make lots of money. I'm sure Unkaleong won't mind. It's for a good cause anyway - our next bloggers makan session!

wmw; ah I asked permission from the person who took pic before I post ok ;-) as for being responsible, THAT pic is even MORE suggestive...IMHO hehehehe

kat; guess you got your wish! ;-)

jason; are you surprised?

catsndogs; eh don't ah, I ask permission first then I credit to awhiffoflemongrass.blogspot.com

Cannot just take one! Must ask permission first mah. ;-)

Thanks man. Will look out for you.

mervyn; what an evening indeed. will reply to your email soonest. :-) And it was lovely meeting you too. Will bring dessert along to next gathering. As long as I know you're coming! ;-) hehe

unkaleong; you? shy? HA! ;-)

Joe; alcohol's such a convenient scapegoat. And just so you know, there weren't that many glasses of beer floating around that night. ;-)

sneexe; hmmm maybe it wasn't so busy but we were served quite well. did you raise a stink? you should you know.

LL ;-) Shit! That would pay for all of us for dinner at Lafite at least, set you up in Bukit Tunku, all the Tiffany diamonds you could wish for and a lifetime's supply of Choc Durian. ;-)

The abs. I think I'm in love.

BTW how are women challenged with gay men?

now that should be chui sze.... i got the spelling right, right?

unkaleong is now super famous for that pose!

Nah, I don't have the physiology to stand up for myself in sticky situations.


That said, when's the next blogmeet? I want to come too :) Hehee, post the abs shot, draw a crowd, great recruitment gimmick.

Other than those famous abs, think you are d most popular face around! U r shining on most posts whenever there's a get-together! Almost like a 'mascot'? Hehehe.

ooo...the abs look good...=P

savante; HAHA That's you all over. Show you a good set of abs and you're anybodys.

Some women feel they need to convert us! That's why they think that we're a challenge. Some. Not all! ;-)

zewt; yes its Chwee Sze. And yes, she remembers you. You have been mentioned. ;-)

boo; there are worse things to be famous for! ;-)

sneexe; don't know lah. this last one was sorta impromptu. Only found out like on the day itself. But will call you when we next do it.

As for abs shot, what are we recruiting for? ;-)

tummy; it's no surprise lah. It's that wide eyed grin. It's so all embracing that its a must have at all parties! ;-)

sooyin; good enough to eat off of? ;-) Must intro you guys. You'd like each other. They're all a hoot!

Sounds like a fab night out and wish I could've come and joined in the abs eyeballing. However it was really lovely to meet you, and Lyrical Lemongrass had to put up with me licking my fingers and making orgasmic noises while eating "death by chocolate" in her car. There must be worse things to put up with? Hope to see you soon ;)

haha i get a shoutout in the comments box in nigel's blog - way better than that unkaleong fella (not that i'm bitter or anything)

what great pics nige!

so, friday night?

Sze : Check out the latest postlah...Noisy fella :P I'm screaming across the internet di. Hope it's loud enough for you...

msiagirl; lovely to meet you too. Had a blast. Glad you were getting all orgasmic with Meena. ;-) Yes, that was phrased deliberately. ;-)

And we will definitely try and come to visit when we're in the UK. ;-)

Next time you come we'll organise a bloggers thing.

Sze; I love you I do! ;-)

Unkaleong; wat to do? Sometimes don't want to hear.

Oops and KAT; sorry la didn't reply to you. You got your wish! ;-)

Oh and Sze; yes Friday night. Call me again will ya. Thought I saved your number but turns out I didn't. Sorry lah. Choose a place. Allan coming too this time! Yay!

My colleague saw my blog and mentioned that she's ordering wedding cake from your shop. Ask me since she know me and I know you, would that means her wedding cake will be extra nice??

You make me look like celebrity Nigel...

hai, i called up yesterday n the person in charge said that you guys will not be open this saturday (2 june 2007)...bcoz i aldy plan with bf to go there n review ur cake that looks really yummylicious...so i sms-ed my bf and told him how sad am i coz the shop will be close...around 2 hours later bf called me back n ask for just heavenly pleasure full add as he is already there. but then later on he told me that he cant find your place...feel quite sad then...in the evening he called me up again n ask me to come over his house...to my surprise there are two box from just heavenly pleasure n he bought for me choc durian n choc death...he also said that he managed to talk to you n you did ask him where he knows bout this shop...he refused to tell..hehehe...btw, we will come over next time as i want to see by myself how the place looks like...your cake is really yummylicious...i feel like smiling everytime i hd a bite of it...

p/s: allow me to review bout just heavenly pleasure in my blog ya (malay version)

haha...good enough to eat, or eat off? *grin* err...just don't tell my hubby i said that, k? =P

...why, recruiting to expand the food blog circle to discover yet more yummy stuff, and crazy, fun foodie people, of course!


oh yeah, and of course, attracting more cute guys with abs too, did you notice men seem to get really attracted / competitive about abs?

Nigel, definitely we'll organise a bloggers gathering when I next pop in and you can WATCH M & I get orgasmic together. ;)

OMG Nigel, you guys are so out to convert me, aren't ya?!?! lol.

Msiagirl, shhhhhh...don't tell da whole world! ;-)

who need abs... now we have something new going on

Janganlah lupa ajak I !

man, I actually wrote a long reply but it didn't get posted. Oh dear. Anyway. Here goes again;

hengster; your friend will of course get extra special treatment from us, not just because she's your friend but because we believe in treating all our customers as well as we can possibly treat them. ;-)

Buddy ah, you celeb enough already lah with that million watt smile! ;-)

izaida; thanks for coming round and taking the trouble. Aiyo! I feel so bad now! I'm glad you enjoyed what we had to offer and we would be honoured if you would write about us...honestly! I love compliments (who doesn't, let's face it!)but constructive comments help us grow and serve our customers with pleasure! ;-) hehe

sooyin ah; let's hope he doesn't read my blog then! ;-) hehehe

as for unkaleong, I KNOW he's basking in the attention! ;-) hehe

sneexe; will include you next time we do something like this. As for competition, I haven't noticed. Been staring at the abs too much! ;-)

msiagirl & LL; no lah not out to convert you. Besides, LL with that hunk of a man, I wouldn't wish you to convert for ANYONE! ;-)

hehehe besides what would I do with a couple of lesbians? I don't collect them you know! ;-) hehehehe

hengster; I need abs. But don't mind them on someone else as well, as long as they let me view periodically! ...Touching is open to negotiation! ;-)

Big Boys Oven; will do.! :-) Thanks for visiting!

Nigel: Not really surprised as it was expected... LOL

aaaa.......... y everyone blog about the 6 pax? ANyone interested to blog abut my 1 pax?? LOL

Bask...Bask...Basking away...35 comments and counting. Hahaha...Bloody hell :P

Twas a blast to meet and hang out with you lot. See you in a couple!

jas; LOL

Jackson; went to your blog didn't see anything like what you said.

unkaleong; you attention seeker you! ;-)

arrgghh... i got the spelling wrong again!

consider that i have not seen her for probably... 10 years? i am surprise she actually remembers me.

zewt; its cool. Sze's laid back about stuff like that. ;-)

nothing like a bit of flesh to get the tongues rolling!

... great abs tho :P

You guys are definitely qualified for the Colgate commercial *wink*

haha, nigel, i just found out who msiagirl is!!!! chuckle chuckle. the world IS really toooooo small. ooh, meena, what did u and msiagirl get up to? sounds very sordid.

fbb...what a small world, huh? Ur wife never told u abt msiagirl and her "inclinations" towards sweet young things like me ar? *wink wink*

You know what they say about Convent Girls laa...;)

Catholic girls, or convent girls? :)

canardbidon; LOL! Sex AlWAYS sells...as long as it's subtle. ;-) this way, people can lust about and laugh with our esteemed bro unkaleong. ;-)

meltingwok; Colgate ah? Aiyo. I do use colgate actually! ;-)

fbb; eh hello, for you ah, who knows everyone, the world of cos small lah! ;-)

sneexe; BOTH! ;-)
msiagirl; I'm Catholic! Hello! Damn yes I do know what they say. ;-)

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