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National Cancer Society of Malaysia's Relay For Life 2nd to 3rd June 2007 at MSN Training Stadium, Bukit Jalil

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy


2 (6pm) -3 (10am) JUNE 2007
MSN Training Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Tel: 03-2698 7300
Fax: 03-2698 4300

In recent times, it has been my privilege and pleasure to meet more and more people from all walks of life. But thanks to serendipitous encounters, (otherwise known as "chance meetings" - don't get too much of a chance to exercise my RM10 words so feel a need to throw them in periodically) ;-) the people who've touched my life have been people I have been able to learn from. And I'm in awe especially of the cancer survivors.

Those who've survived a bout with cancer are serene, grateful, appreciative, funny people. People who have a penchant for enjoying or as they say in NCSM, Celebrating Life. One would think that having dealt with so much that they would be despondent, despairing, and depressed. But not at all. The ones I've met are happy, well adjusted, caring individuals. People who were grateful for their lives and for their loved ones. People who were content.

A far cry from people who are chasing, always looking and never finding.

The event above is intended to raise funds, raise awareness, and above all educate people about cancer and to show people that Cancer is not a death sentence anymore.

With proper self examination and early treatment, many forms of cancer are treatable and people go on having a great quality of life.

So attend, donate, or just send well wishes. All are welcome.


Cool! Are you participating?

will attend but won't participate. I work practically all weekend lah babe

oh yeah..as promised..my 2 cents of ur gorgeous cakes..will be back soon..as soon as i burnt those calories off..

Yeah....I look at this differently now. I started this blog partially due to my friend, Jen, who had cancer. She's praying for us in heaven now....

Big Up for everyone involved!

joe, thanks dude. Replied on your blog.

wmw, agreed re the cancer thing. Join NCSM lah. I am. ;-)

kazza; thanks lah dear

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