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5th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards held on 6 May 2007

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

It's always an honour to be nominated at Kakiseni's Boh Cameronian Arts Awards. This will be the third time in as many concerts that we have been nominated. For a group that does this for fun to come up against seasoned professionals like Sean Ghazi before, Dama Orchestra, Joe Hasham and Faridah Merican of Actors Studio fame, is to my mind an achievement that we can be proud of.

The theme this year was "Carnival." So it was up to you to interpret what you thought should be the dress code. We decided it was like Rio's Carnivale or Venice's Carnival. So masks it would be. ;-)

The rush this time was even more intense as The Wicked Pitches nominated in 4 categories. We thought we stood a good chance in at least one of them but it was not to be. My take on it is that we're not ready to accept an award yet and well, God knows that. We need to strive and keep doing that thing we do.

One thing we did though is have fun and meet some new friends. Have a look at the pics below.Link Dinner at Suria KLCC's food court - not bad. But then again, how could you go wrong with curry chicken on top of wantan noodles. Yum!
Coleen and Allan, sis and bro, in masks. I designed Allan's mask and started it off and he put the finishing touches on it. It's really rather good, don't you think?
Zal & Hubby, Eugene. Yes, she wore a mask as well. She is such a happy girl. Am privileged and honoured to know her. It's so great being in her presence as she is so vibrant. Needless to say, she says all there is to say so Eugene is the strong, silent type.
Me with the redoubtable Ms Lee Lee Lan. Birds of a feather and all that. Allan made my mask.
From Left to Right, Ms Lee Lee Lan, Yue Ling from The Wicked Pitches, and Allan Yap, my partner.
New buddy. Samuel. Trying on my mask for size. Also sang with the group that I started out with in Malaysia. You know how you click with some people immediately? Felt that with him. Looking forward to good times. Sam with the incorrigible Ms Pan Swee Chin. ;-)The gorgeous and attention seeking Tony Eusoffe (hehe Tony ;-) Just kidding lah ha) and Eugene. I'm sorry I'm not sure who the lady is. :-)Swee Chin, Kathy Rowland who started this madness at Kakiseni - love her - in the first place and Allan. She came back from the US for just a few days to attend the event. Colin and Swee Chin - Colin was up for a nomination for best solo for Broken Bridges - great performer
Coleen, Me and Allan
The Wicked Pitches minus a couple The guys from Hand's percussion performed
Sway Kow from Restoran Sg Besi at supper after - prawns, nice texture, soft wrap = very good
The sambal that made the meal - har mei slow fried with chillis until it's reduced like this
Allan walking into the restaurant
1230am - yes Malaysians eat at all times of day
Wantan mee Sg Besi
The Char Siew Wantan mee - the noodles were textured with a good bite (I hate mushy noodles), the char siew was a good mix of fatty and lean and the sauce was full bodied, savoury and sweet, just like good wantan mee should be.


Ok, I admit. This is quite foreign to me. o.0'?
Except for the food, of course.

Congratulations on being nominated. Hmmmm. Does this mean I know someone famous? Woohoo! One more reason to like you more. *wink*

The FOOD is making me DROOOOL....
You guys look ab fab :)

how ladida.

hmmm, it must be a natural progression, from KLCC to sg besi wantan mee. we go there sometimes after MPO.

what a coincidence, fbb. I go to the Sg Besi wantan mee after MPO too. It's a convenient stop. Throw the car by the roadside, jump out while avoiding oncoming traffic, run in, makan and cabut. All dressed up somemore. lol. Food's nice too.

Tummy; What's foreign? The Cammies? Arts awards for music, theatre and dance in the Klang Valley. http://www.cameronianartsawards.com/

LL; Not famous lah. Puhlease. Do you really need one reason to like me more? ;-)

kazza; thanks dear. and glad for the good news! Luv and health.

FBB; on the way home mah. And also delish.

LL; Yeah talk about all dressed up. The only thing we took off were our masks. ;-) Decided that feathers might be a bit to outre for the diners at that place. ;-)

yr mask so uber cool!!! anyway congrats for the nomination ;-)

Oooooh! A MASQUERADE! ... absolutely delightful :)

Gratz on the nominations :)

Hmmm... will there be any singing evenings around the campfire at Kalong?

Better luck next year? Dig the dig's...

Ultra cool masks! Should ask Allan to make edible masks...can eat them after the event is over! Ha ha ha...Eh, not the feathers though!

Congrats !:) Hey, you two looked great, love your black suit, Nigel, and Alan's mask is very fitting :) WOw, that Lee2 Lan still looks so in shaped, what's she doing there ?

Oh wow, congratulations on the nomination ;)

sneexe; thanks re the gratz. There's a karaoke in Kalong ;-)

unkaleong; thanks man ;-) aren't you back in KL soon?

wmw; LOL that's funny

meltingwok; tell me you didn't do ballet. ;-) She's usually invited to the Cammies. Thanks re the suit thing. ;-) Actually it was my black CK jeans and a black 3/4 length jacket ;-)

jason; thanks lah :-)

omigawd nigel, your mask is so mardi gras! LOL. Flamboyant - i like! :D

Carnivale=Mardi Gras celebrations

Mardi Gras actually means Fat Tuesday. You know the reason for it!

Wah, nominated for being Pitches! :) Congrats!

Nige, love your mask!

BTW I go to that Sungai besi wantan mee shack too!

Fat Tuesday? ...

so it IS that mardi...

no I didn't know.

savante; being a pitch has it's rewards! ;-)

sneexe; yup Mardi = Tuesday and Gras = Fat. If you think of the word "Grease" you'll sorta get the idea. :-) Yes, same root word.

Hey Nigel, big pic of you at Edwin's photo blog...just in case you didn't know.


Wow! Lee Lee Lan still looks so young! I bet she's still as flexible! She was my principle and went to dance trips with her when i was still dancing in the past.

teckiee; you do look like you've had dance training. It's the figure ! ;-)

This Sg Besi wantan mee is a sort of enigma to me. Its a "you love it or hate it" kinda place. I'm one of the haters btw.

Congrats for the nomination. ;-)

wow, so u r into these arty farty things? cool!

btw, coleen's cool..lol. send my regards. lol.

Once again, Congratulations, peacock man! The Sg Besi WontanMee is one of my favourite stall! I love the texture of their noodle!!

tankiasu; thanks. there's another one featured in NST today.

ktx; no worries. Do you know her?

wah i had a look at the links..any floggers interested in the upcoming show? is it a musical?

food is lovely as usual..heard so much abt the wantan mee..need to try..need to try..

no, i dont know her at all, but it'd be good to know. lol.

cheers on yr nomination anyway.


jackson; sorry for some reason or other you appeared later after I replied to ktx and tankiasu. Thanks very much handsome. Call me dude. :-) Come visit shop. ;-)

ktx; oh ok :-) Coleen and Sze are good friends too! ;-)

Yo Nigel, u r everywgere! Saw those flamboyant peacock feathers in latest issue of The Edge mag. Oh, u too, of course. *trying hard to contain excitement of knowing a celebrity*

tummy; no lah ;-) where got celeb. haha

will go look for it tho.

I think we're in flavours this month as well

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