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Friends get together and King Crab Restaurant Redux

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

I get an sms a couple of weeks ago from Precious Pea asking if we'd be free for dinner as Rasa Malaysia (RM)was passing through and wanted to meet us and a few other friends.

Since it was Allan's Birthday, I thought I should consult him first. However, he readily agreed.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we were sitting in King Crab Restaurant for the 3rd... 4th... 5th time? I've almost lost count.

A true foodie; Tummy carries around her own supply of Gula Melaka

Click on the pic above
RM bustles in and apologises for being late. It's the first time we lay eyes on her in person. And she's all that I expected. Slim, with an attractive "melon seed" face. Kind eyes. Enthusiastic manner and polite. She explains rather breathlessly "I got out of the hotel and hopped onto the train and found out it was going in the opposite direction I needed to travel." Ok, ok, I paraphrased. But if I told it exactly like it is, it'll tell everyone where she's staying and I can't do THAT!

She includes everyone in her greeting and then starts to have a chat with us, since we're seated right next to her. And she gives everyone a piece of her undivided attention over the course of dinner.

The food arrives. Some cameras get whisked out. Other's stay hidden because we've actually blogged about this restaurant before. I enthusiastically snap away as I've just bought my new 50mm f1.8 lens and I'm still learning it's strengths and weaknesses(Fast, sharp, inexpensive, feels plasticky, noisy, in that order).

The standard of food remains the same and I would recommend it highly to anyone thinking of having a great seafood dinner in town.

We had already celebrated Allan's birthday a couple of days before with a tea at home. Unfortunately, because I was grilling pizzas I was unable to take any pics of that little soiree though I understand there a few floating around cyber space. Suffice to say, grilled pizzas, baci di ricotta, scones and cream, and a few other delectables were on the menu.

But I digress.

A parade of dishes lands before us. From sliced lotus root and cloud ears, to sauteed snake beans, deep friend calamari with salted egg, poached clams in a chinese rice wine broth, crisp pork skin stuffed with fish paste and sesame, and of course the de rigeur crabs in a chilli curry leaf paste and the butter crabs.

As it was the night of Allan's Birthday I had decided to make something for dessert which would double as a cake. As you might have correctly guessed by now, we were a little, just a little burnt out on cake. And so, I thought I'd whip up an old fave of mine called a Coconut Souffle with a Gingered Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka) Sauce. I was also coerced on pain of disbelief to produce a simple little party trick called a Wine Jelly made entirely of Wine, Gelatin and Sugar and nothing else.

I believe that people liked it. ;-)

Chilled Coconut Souffle with Gula Melaka

While a highpoint of the evening was discussing the merits of visible undergarment forms and how it appertained to personalities attending events like this were concerned, RM's attendance was the highlight. It was nice to chat with someone who through a common interest in food has really taken what is a hobby and created a popular site with viable content.

When all was said and done however, it was just nice to make a new friend.

In attendance;

Tummythoz and partner
Kennymah and partner

At King Crab Restaurant.


damn, this is all ivy's fault for not replying my sms earlier.

Opppss...sorry la FBB, i was busy with crab and you should know King Crab so noisy, i didn't realise you smsed me. Next time just call instead of sms yah.

Liked your souffle? U kidding??!!
Believe u prepared for 12pax but just the 7 of us (obviously Allan & u don't count) almost whacked the bowl clean? As for the swinging jelly, think this is the only time I consume sooo much wine at a sitting.. hic-hic-hic.

Fast, sharp, inexpensive--- your pictures look amazing!

I am going home in August, can I eat with you guys please?

As I thought, your pics look good enough to eat .... ;)


fbb; hahahaha

precious; thanks for organising lah

tummy; LOL! A cook/baker always loves it to see their food finished. Trust me. I was chuffed. But say too much like bragging lor! ;-)

umami; our pleasure. Call me when you get back lah. ;-) You know my number right? If not, hit me up on facebook/email/fun! ;-)

lenard; you're always good for my ego!

happy birthday to allan!

zewt thanks will pass on msg

aiseh..i missed out on the souffle..and to see it with my own eyes in the fridge..and not tasting it..aiyoyoyo...what to do? had to b a fillial son..

Aiya...I missed meeting Bee and the rest. *sigh* Whats to do, work commitments. Happy belated b'day Allan *hugs*

joe; good boy!

unka; never mind lah next time got ;-)

Hi, I am Desmond. I am leaving a comment here because I couldn't reach you by email.

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Do email me at info[at]malaysiamostwanted(dot)com.

I could provide you with more information on how this is actually done.

d_luaz; sure. will email you.

give Allan a kiss for me for his belated b;day.

take care bro

lucky people.. all those crab! I'm envious.

I am still dreaming of that wine jelly... and man, did it jiggle and wiggle to our heart's delight... ;)

My sis ate the Coconut Souffle and loved it too! and thanks for the gula melaka!

Thanks for writing up such an amicable post! It was nice meeting you and A, really!

I am finally home and King Crab will be the next post! :)

foodcrazee; will do. have done! hehe thanks :-)

daphne; aww...king crab is just a drive away

kenny;yup unlike your butt which was most firm!

teckiee;am glad your sis enjoyed it.

rm; my pleasure! It was wonderful meeting you! ;-)

Hahaha...I liked the fact that you linked the photo of someone who has her tongue out in both pics!

wmw; you never forget taking pics like that ;-)

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