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Carl's Jr in Mid Valley

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

"It's our night. What would you like to do?" An ongoing question when it comes to our "date" night. Most times because of scheduling, the easiest thing to do is to go catch a movie. In this case "The Spiderwick Chronicles." Highly recommended by the way.

We managed to pick up some primo tickets and then went on to the next issue at hand. What to have for dinner?
Ever practical, Allan said "Movie's starting in 25 minutes. How about Carl's Jr?" I made a moue with my mouth as we'd had their burgers before. I would've liked to try something new. Notice I'm NOT the practical one. ;-)


Long story short, we went ahead and ordered. Depending on the burger or sandwich, they make it for you just as you order it. So it's fresh. None of this soggy, damp buns of Mcdonald's fame or some other restaurants I could mention, come to think of it.


Allan get's a Double Western and I have a Jalapeno Chicken. That's me being healthy, by the way. I actually have a dread of Chicken Breast as it's usually bone dry and has the texture of hemp mat on your tongue. But not this one. The peppery tartness of pickled Jalapeno peppers shines through the Jalapeno Chicken sandwich. Moist, juicy, and nothing like what I expected. And of course, Allan's burger was an explosion of flavour. Cheese, Mushrooms, and Beefy beef. Juicy, meaty, not necessarily hugely innovative but delivers on the promises of the premise.

A burger isn't rocket science and shouldn't be complicated overly.


A generous "all you can drink" bar which includes condiments like lemon wodges (not 'wedges' - when you visit you'll see why), hot coffee and a variety of sodas round out a great value for money meal. Not cheap but barely on this side of good value considering the portion sizes of chips and burgers.



Thambi, you used your Nikon D70 to take these pictures ar? Wah lau wei. Btw, your pics make their burgers look good leh. Excellent! *clap clap clap*

Aha...50mm f/1.8....no wonder lar! *clap clap clap*

LL => Big Fan

We find that just ordering the burgers separately and sharing the beef chilli fries and a drink much more economical. :)

Starving now... And I happen to love chicken breasts! Provided they are not done to death, of course. Yummyyummyyummy...

LL; Thanks babe...hahaha ;-)

janvier; yes it is. That's what Allan and I did... ;-)

Kenny ;-) hahaha

wow -

I LOVE Carl's Junior and am so happy they brought the franchise here ... miss the REAL bacon burger though that we get in the States ... :)

Yeah - what janvier said is so true - share share share!

i love the western bacon cheeseburger though!

kenneth; yup very much me likey

Whoa. So many news posts! And the dizzying amount of food on display. YUM!

Doc ;-) thanks for coming back ;-) and supporting lah ;-) hehehe

i stopped eating beefburgers for > 10 years. one accidental* bite of carl's jr and i was hooked till the point where i was actually craving for it whenever i got hungry!

*accidental becoz i thought their portobello mushroom burger consisted of only the mushrooms (ie. vegetarian) and no beef...=P

sooyin; ya right. Likely story! Accidental it seems. ;-) hahahaha Glad you enjoyed it.

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