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Bengal Cuisin(g)(e)?

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy


"What? I can't think anymore." His face practically crumples and at that point I knew we needed to take a break. So we booked a couple of nights into a hotel and decided to just rest and enjoy the spa.

The only catch was that we couldn't leave KL because of my Mum and other things that were going on. So we decided to make the best of it. In any case, Allan needed rest more than anything else.

On this particular day I wanted to go pick up some books for light reading and decided to traipse over to KLCC Kino's. There I was picking up the books and all of sudden, there was this growl.

I looked around and then all of a sudden, there it was again. Omigod! It was my tummy. I throw an embarassed and sheepish grin to the cashier and slunk away to get a snack. Nothing too heavy as Allan and I had planned on El Cerdo that night.


Walking with my grumbling tummy up to Signatures food court, I walk around and marvel at the choices we have. I knew I wanted something low in carbs because I already had my quota at lunch with Char Kway Teow. ;-) And eventually I settled for Bengal Cuising.

I'm not certain if it's a deliberate misspelling but for RM6.70 it was fantastic value for where I was. I believe that when you look at prices you need to look at everything from your surroundings and ambience to what they serve and how they serve it. I would have said that it would be slightly pricey for a coffee shop. But for KLCC, not bad at all.

For that price I got Roti Rumali, an almost paper thin Naan which was tossed like a pizza and then placed on a dome shaped hot plate. Almost like a baked Roti Canai. It was a generously seasoned bread and you could practically taste the salt and the yeast.
And to dip in, Halim Mutton soup. Two chunks of mutton on the bone and a rich, broth, replete with potatoes that had broken down until the broth was thick. You could taste the ginger, the spices, and the warmth of the chillis. It was heart warming and definitely hit the spot where I was concerned.
A variety of the colourful dishes on offer at Bengal Cuisine

Bengal Cuisine
Shop No Lot 20 Level 2
Signatures Food Court
Suria KLCC
50088 KL


Uhm, how exactly is roti or naan low in carbs? :P

But the Halim Mutton soup looks divine... in a devilish sorta way, hehe.

nigel... need to log on to comment in your new dotmyhome...susah la...

kenny; It's lower in carbs than just bread ;-) At least there's a few chunks of meat in there ;-)

zewt; ooo ok lemme see what other setting will allow me SoME control ;-)

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