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Skoda Fabia - Full of Good things inside

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

We rented a small car for our trip to Vienna and we were given a Skoda Fabia 1.2 HTP, which stands for High Torque Performance. For a 1.2 l car it's a gutsy little thing with bags of room. Build quality is far ahead oLinkf what we're used to and this is a car that competes with a comparable Kia. We are so shafted when it comes to cars in Malaysia.

Here's a link to the review of the car on carpages.co.uk

Here's a pic of the car. I pulled this off the internet. The actual car was silver.

Here's the ad. Trust me. It's superbly entertaining and very relevant to us.


haha yeah i saw this ad before. it's amazing!

What a refreshingly different ad. :-)

You intrepid fella! You drove? I'd be too busy drooling over hot Europeans to look at the road signs.

wahhh you drove ahhh, good luck. i drove there too, almost died okay, almost ... hehehe

babe; yes it was

LL; yes it's a great ad and a great all round car. Not exciting but does everything well and very well built.

Doc; got lah. Ogle and then look at road lor.

imbi & itchy; love driving. Have a knack for it so it wasn't any hardship. ;-)

*bangs head on keyboard* I just finish a Nip Tuck series where the doc had to reconstruct a labia... labia.. fabia... wwahhahahh

can i have a bite on it..? haha^^

kenny; what is it that you'd like to bite again? ;-)

guys get more dope on the fabia @ www.fabiafeelspecial.com

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