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23 October 2007 - Vienna

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Our shoes squidged as we traipsed our way in the cold, wet, drizzle from our basic hostel accomodations to Deichmann, a shoe shop on Mariahilferstrasse. We were looking for some el cheapo shoes to replace my summer "holey" sneakers. For ventilation, my sneakers had "sieves" built into the sides, though I doubt Wilson would have called them that.


Surprisingly, Allan and I managed to pick up some real bargains.

Fast forward a little and we had waterproofed our new finds, slipped on warm, dry socks and braved the fine drizzle again as we headed down to what locals call the Ring road that leads to the Stadt Oper. One left turn and we were at Philharmonic Strasse leading to Hotel and Cafe Sacher to sample the eponymous Sachertorte.


To spare you the anticipation of what the Sacher torte is like in it's home town, let me save you the bated breath. It's not as good as I thought it would be. There. Breathe.

The Hot Chocolate mit Rum was fab. Allan's Don Giovanni was excellent. A whipped, light as air chocolate mousse filling with a lovely, dark, bitter chocolate ganache coating can't go far wrong. But the Sachertorte was well, in a word, common.


Don't get me wrong. It was well made. A nice moist sponge, a slight tang from a fragrant apricot jam and a thick layer of good, bitter, dark chocolate. But hey, we can do that. It's not a stand out. And maybe that's my fault. My expectation was set on fantastic. While the Sacher torte is what it is.


In any case, it was lovely soaking in the atmosphere, sitting in a warm dry place admiring the Stadt Oper in all it's lit glory. Enjoying the gastronomic history that is as much part of the experience as the cake itself.


We're in Vienna for goodness sake. What's not to like?


Thursday today. *sigh*

Sneakers with sieves? Crocs izzit??? :-P LOL.

Mmmm hot chocolate on a rainy day....

Vienna. Coffee and tortes. Music and cute Austrians. When will I return? Sigh.

whats your death by chocolate doing there? ;p

I also thought the same as Teckiee! Hahaha.....

Tummy; why the sigh over Thursday?

LL; no lah. My Dad's Wilson's. He couldn't wear them so he passed them to me. We're the same size. They were new. But blardy hell...got wire mesh to keep my feet "cool."

Paul; Actually the torte was sort of disappointing. Coffee and MEN omigod....

teckiee; close but the mousse is lighter...much lighter in this version...thinking of what we could come up with ;-)

wmw; hahaha

dont complain..haha enjoy urself while u r at it man..

*sigh* Monday again.


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