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19 October 2007, Day 5

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

The Bullet form version. Will edit later. Again, all photos are in flickr.

The clock chimed. The sky was yet dark and the blossoming bloom of dawn light had not as yet kissed the sky. It was 5.40am.

The day we were to drive to Cambridgeshire.


The sky slowly lit up, like someone had their hand on the dimmer and was slowly turning it up.

Doubts about taking the scenic route. Allan sleeping. Jams. I thought, sheesh, should have just taken the M11 and was looking for a way to cut across.

At that point, needed to pee. Pulled into Hertford and didn’t see anything that resembled a toilet where I could have a slash without icicles forming on the tip. Just as I turned around to make the entrance back onto the A10, we chance upon a Mcdonalds. Relief is mine!

Everyone wakes up after Mcdonalds mystery hot flavoured with ash water they call coffee.

The sun is on the horizon and the meadows are furry with fog and frost.

Bury Lane Farm.

Ideas Ideas Ideas.

Drew into Cambridge.

Info centre. King’s College, The Eagle where the DNA idea was announced. The Market square was gorgeous. Behind St Mary’s University Cathedral.

And then Celia’s fam tour of Girton College which was like 2 minutes from our B&B, St Edmunds.


The Old Crown Gastro Pub.


Ooh. UK. I miss so much.

Tomm is Monday. *sigh*

Hope the weather is kind to you and Allan. It's raining here almost everyday.

savante; I want to stay now.

tummy; it's ok. Mondays can be good too

wmw; I think we took the sunshine with us. the weather in the UK was amazing ;-)

Have a lovely holiday, you two! I remember the first time I went to Cambridgeshire...it was one of those Bushey Rental Car weekends when Nigel showed us his England. It rained, so we didn't get out of the car, but I remember marveling at that golden light and all of the rich, saturated colors. I've been back loads of times, but whenever I hear "Cambridge" it brings back that day.

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