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22 October 2007

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Relief! It’s been 3 continuous days of activity and although we were able to access the internet briefly for about 45 minutes over the weekend, it’s still been a hit and miss affair. Hence the last entry in point form. Sort of.

My cousin’s wedding has passed uneventfully. Or is that event-fully. From the time we arrived in Cambridge on Friday 19 Oct 2007, we had;

1. Shopped for flowers (the coloured callas were absolutely divine)
2. Hovered around worriedly while Allan efficiently finished the wedding cake
3. Enjoyed the most wonderful stay at this gorgeous little B&B with the most delicious cooked breakfasts I’ve ever had in the UK
4. Been totally surprised to see my friend’s aunt on the wall of Girton College, University of Cambridge
5. Boogied the night away in a beautiful cafeteria (yes, that sounds like a paradox but it’s true) in said Girton College
6. Attended a wedding in the picture perfect venue of Fellows Hall and a dinner in the Great Hall of Girton College (notice the recurring Collegiate theme?)
7. Drove a funky Diesel Seat
8. Soaked in the sights of the picturesque town of Cambridge
9. Helped with my cousin’s tea ceremony in her flat in the middle of the most beautiful weather the UK must have seen for years and years

Tell me which ones you’d like me to expand upon! ;-)

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Can we have an expansion of everything esp since you will describe it as lovely and moving like the choir? I need to replace my bad memories abt a cold winter church wedding I attended long ago in Cambridge. Brrr! Now I remember how cold it was that day.

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