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CORRECTION! King Crab Restaurant

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

My Bad!

I made the assumption that the Butter Crab at King Crab was made out of margarine. I have since been informed by Precious Pea that the CFO emailed her to tell her this is not the case. My apologies to King Crab Restaurant.

I must admit, I did make the assumption based on my previous knowledge of Chinese restaurant chefs. Many of them do use margarine. I'm glad that King Crab Restaurant doesn't. In other words, the Butter Crab IS free of transfats.

All the more reason to go and eat there again.


wow..looks like precious pea connex with king crab has goin up to senior mgmt level!..hahaha...

i recently managed to convert my friend from margarinity to butterism. hate margarine, cant understand why it's allowed to exist.

Joe: Aikkkkssssss.....sssshhhhh!!!

haha.... as what FBB mention, we boikot margerine

FBB; especially when you hear about the transfat things

precious pea; hahahaha

jackson...yup :-)

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