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Interfaith Prayers for YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Marina was kind enough to invite us to an inter-faith prayer session at Blog House this last Sunday. Marina and Tara have become fast friends ever since we met them during Just Heavenly's infancy. And on Friday 7 September, she smses us to ask if we'd like to come. Obviously, Allan and I felt we should. So at 7pm on Sunday 9 September, we turned up to be greeted by Ivy Josiah, Ria Thomas, Marina & Tara. We hadn't met up with Ivy & Ria for some time as well. So it was a welcome reunion. Ria quickly intercepts us and tells us that Marina has already performed her ablutions so please don't touch her or offer your hand for her to shake.

It was the start of an evening of possibility, of enquiry, and of heart warming togetherness.

The prayers were to start with the Maghrib prayers. Then each of the major faiths would say their prayers according to their tradition. The Christians were represented by Archbishop Murphy Pakiam who is actually my Archbishop, seeing as I'm Catholic. The Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and the Bahai's were also represented. The Muslims were represented by an Imam Feisal of the Cordoba Initiative, an ecumenical organisation dedicated to multi faith understanding.

After the Magrhib prayers, we took our seats and each of the representatives of the religions said a prayer for the continued speedy healing of Marina's Dad as well as peace and harmony for all of Malaysia.

Allan, Ria and I sat together and the one thought that was going through my head was "this is how everything should be." It felt so right, so doable. Infinite possibilities opened up for our young nation. And for a moment, in this little corner of Malaysia, we had our Bangsa Malaysia. We were proud to be able to share in this moment where we could contribute to prayers for the Tun.

Imam Feisal said it best when he wrapped up the prayers for the evening by saying that while each religion had their own traditions, there is an ethical universality to all religions which we can embrace in these interfaith prayers. Read the Cordoba Initiative website linked above to understand more. There was such a serenity and gravity to all of the representaties and it was, in my mind, a moment of sheer possibility. And the power of that possibility drives me still. I hope we have more of these. Marina, thanks for organising these prayers for your Dad. We continue to pray for his continued and speedy recovery and we're heartened and gladdened by the new entry on your blog.


is that do-able, or doa-ble??
why no protestants one??? sheeesh!!!
but yes, how heartwarming hor....obviously the prayers worked, the good tun is having roti canai oridi.

fbb; Archbishop Murphy was there as representative of the Christian Federation lah!

wow..i think this is how malaysia shud truly be..despite difference in colours and believes..we should all have the same aim,whether if it is wishing tun health or for the good of the country..

Oh... wow.

Wish I could have been there.


sneexe; it was very very lovely

Late but still wanna comment.
So heartwarming.

I wish I was there! Everyday I drive by Blog House to send Milo to school and always wondered what goes on in there!
What a lovely ceremony...more people should be secure enough in their own faith to come together for a common good.

Blessings to all. Eat more chocolate!

tummy; it was

shaz; from your mouth to God's ears. Now if we could only get Him to rescind the caloric count of Chocolate! ;-)

It's MOHAMAD lah Nigel! Tun Dr.Mahathir MOHAMAD. Anyway, if you hadn't made your grand appearance at MM's Blog, i wouldn't have known that your have such an interesting Blog(s).

It's some time since we've met, hope to see you at X'mas Choir Rehersals.

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