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Bakerzin Bangsar Village 1

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Strawberry Cheesecake
The leng chai who propositioned me ;-)
Jackson propositioned me.

As I can never refuse a good proposition from a good looking guy we sat down to talk about cakes.

Yes, cakes.

What did you think it was?

He asked me about our cakes and what I thought constituted a good cake and how our cheesecakes compared to the one we had in Bakerzin.

As we sat down to our little tete a tete amid the frisson (my new fave word - ask LL of A Whiff of Lemongrass) of excitement over Friday's Flogger's gathering, we ordered a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake.

I had the warm vanilla milk and he had a mint tea.

Frankly, I'm biased. I like my cheesecake to taste of cheese. It should have the savouriness of the cheese shine through. It shouldn't be smothered under layers of other flavourings. Which in this case it was. There was too much sugar, too much strawberry jelfix, and it was reminiscent of a cake from one of those high street cake shops of yore. The ones which sold those brightly coloured, tasteless sponge/cream layers.

Balance. That's what it lacked.

However, I do feel that its' texture was very good. Creamy without leaving any residue on the tongue. And not too granular. A certain sign that it's overbaked. So easy to do to what is essentially a custard.

And I liked my vanilla. Whats not to like about sweetened milk with a hint of vanilla? Although I must admit that for perfection, a dash of cream should be added for mouthfeel.

Bakerzin has good stuff. I've had it before. But not the strawberry cheesecake.


I like my cheesecake to taste of cheese too, not some moussy, gelatinous, whipped-up fat and 5% cheese!

But for some reason, I am also particular about the biscuit crust. How is theirs?


I like my cheesecake without any toppings coz they make me forget that I'm enjoying a cheesecake.

Let's meet up over coffee and the other bakerzin cakes to discuss the escalating frisson, shall we? ;-)

Speaking of Bakerzin... I've only been there twice, but what I had wasn't consistent....

The first time, I had my socks blown off by the orgasmic Chocolate Shot... it was perfectly luxuriously sink-into-me warm-and-cosy on the bottom, and refreshingly chilly on the top, where a dollop of soft vanilla icecream was gently melting into the thickly fragrant brew... (I wish I knew what they put it the chocolate to make it thicken just so- there MUST be a thickener, cream alone couldn't do it...?)

The 2nd time I ordered 2 shots, in eager anticipation, and they were COLD>>>>>> (*.*)

That was ... well, not upsetting, exactly, the chocolate was still the quality, but it was quite a letdown.

Whoa. So what exactly was the proposition? To try his cheese.. cake?

Oops! Kat, you're right. ;-) Their crust was ordinary. I like mine digestive/graham through and through. Actually prefer the former. But their's seemed to b e amix of digestives and shortcrust. I think. And too thin. ;-)

LL; sorry about tonight. Would have loved to meet up. Poor Allan. I thought I should stay and keep an eye on him.

Sneexe; I've still yet to be wowed.

Savante; LOL! It says so in the entry. ;-) Basically he wanted to talk about cakes. :-)

WHAT? you mean you not coming tonight? how disappointing.

yar, i like cheesecakes plain also. but in recent years, i've kinda gone off cheese cakes, unless they're really orgasmic, and i havent found any that are so....

hahaha....did i ?

FBB; orgasmic ah...hmmm ;-)

Jackson; did you...what? ;-)

ok..finally found ur blog..didnt knw ur kl is kayell...aiyoyo..nice meeting to u..u bring "shy" to a whole new dimension haha

Hey "Joe" ;-) Thanks for visiting. Ya, the blog is Kayell. ;)

Good blog you have and very disciplined. Will take me a while to blog about last night. Am trying to do it on Sunday.

Wahhh.. read the raving reviews of your Choc & Cheese cake!! What exactly is it? Can't be choc cheesecake because everyone said it was Choc AND Cheese. Choc cake coated with cheese frosting? Everyone must've been too busy enjoying the cake because the only pictures I saw were of the whole cake, no sliced ones! :D

Hi there Nigel, just found out that you have 2 blogs eh...
And... Jackson looks kinda pale :p

heh heh ;-) yes I do. It was great meeting you Ipoh Mali boy ;-) and well...I don't exactly keep this one private but Just Heavenly is a passion and this one is well, just a journal.

It was great meeting you too *wink* And by the way, thanks for the wonderful cake!

Good meeting you too Jason.

Met up again on Sat? Just can't get enuf of Handsome Jackson, huh?! Hahaha, u are a riot, Nigel. It was real fun meeting you & thank you so much for the marvellous cake esp d choc shavings!

Tummy, Jackson had to work lah. ;-) And yah he is handsome isn't he. Pity I'm taken! ;-) hehe

Met up with LL, wmw, jason, and precious pea instead, then went to literary reading by Kenny. Very culture vulture afternoon. All this in between work and delivering cakes. ;-)

nice meeting the baking legends, (since allan was there briefly)nigel.
still reeling over the shock of you know what.
thanks again for the lovely choc cheese.

aiyo, don't lah FBB. Glad you enjoyed the evening. And yes, Kay Ell is a kampung.

Kat, sorry. Didn't reply to you.

Choc & Cheese is a Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting on top. Lighting was bad and peeps were trying not to use flash so I guess it limited the shots to take lah. :-)

Nigel, can u pls quickly update yr blog? I feel so weird everytime log in to yr blog n saw my own ugly picture...

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