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Redang and Redang Kalong Part 3

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Speeding over the water to our first dive with the sun breaking through the clouds
Got so lucky with this shot. Could not have wished or staged a better position. The two divers descending with the sunburst in between them and the bubbles from other divers at the lower right corner of the pic. I just whipped around on my back as I was descending , saw the shot and snapped it.An anemonefish guarding it's eggs. The little red dots at the bottom by the side of the anemone are it's eggs. They fan it periodically to run fresh water and oxygen over them
A curious batfish. And trust me, they're REALLY KPC. They follow you everywhere but when you look at them with some interest they FEIGN disinterest and pretend to swim away. But the minute you turn away back they come following you.
Bunch of divers
Yellow boxfish
Another type of anemonefish - yup, you guessed right, they're related to Nemo
Blue spotted Ray related to Unkaleong's Manta - these are quite common and the largest one I saw was around 32cm
Gorgeous little flatworm - these f'lers are only about 3 to 4 cm long
A Blue Marble Ray (I think) - he was around 1 to 1.3 m accross

A comet fish - notice the big fake eye which is at one end of the fish while his real eye is at the other end - fakes predators out
Starry Puffer - big bugger - about 0.8m in length
Nudibranch with it's eggs
Here's the pics. :-)

We're all thinking of going up again end June. Any takers?


yeah sure!!!!! is it wheelchair-friendly??

I know I shouldn't say this. He's possibly jailbait but did you see the abs on that kid in the center? I am freakin jealous :P

Gorgeous pics. I'd give anything to be there right now.

kazza; it could be ;-)

paul; that's our godson...leave alone...but he is 18 ;-) and belongs to the 'family'

LL; thanks. I know the feeling. It's sorta like sex. Once you know what it's like it's hard to accept just a simulacrum. ;-)

good to see they still have marbled stingray, and big mother too!!! at least not all have ended up in jalan alor...sigh.

FBB; aiyo that's what we eat at ikan bakar ah :(

yalar, what you think!!!! marzipan ah!

Hmm..How to capture vid stills har? June = Still not back yet. Anyone coming up for the dive expo at the end of the month?

Gorgeous 'divers descending' pic! Can almost feel the enveloping cold once they hit the water with heat of the sun on their backs.

June? ... hmm... may I register a tentative, "yes please!"

...that is, I don't have a license (I wear glasses) but I used to snorkel, and I'm assuming you wouldn't mind my company :)

unkaleong;don't know nuttin about vid lah. A strickly stills kinda guy is me. ;-)

FBB; marzipan scorches very easily on a hot grill ;-)

tummy; thanks much.That's about right though the water isn't that cold! ;-) When you backroll in, you do feel the cool water slip in but it heats up after a moment or two. That's the function of the wetsuit! :-)

sneexe; always welcome the company. On dive/beach holidays the old adage of the more the merrier is always applicable.

wow, cool pics. agreed about the abs too :)

Sze, you ah, ;-) You coming back or not? ;-) I'll tell jho about your compliment re his abs. From both you and savante.

Ah... :) end June then, count me in!

yes i'll be back for a week from may 26th - can i expect a 4-course nigel(la) meal? :)

sneexe; have just asked about rooms. Will keep you posted. ;-)

Sze; yay! if you play your cards right maybe! ;-) Suet's been trying to get Mr B, M.S., and I to cook. Maybe we should arrange it and do it and then tell her about it AFTER since she unceremoniously VOLUNTEERED me! ;-) hehehe

really spectacular shots u hv huh?

u r using an underwater camera or a normal camera with a cover? lol. sorry for my ignorances.

ktx; using a normal Canon digital ixus 750i with an underwater casing. Thanks for the compliment. :-)

Ooo Whee! Beach holiday! With lots of lovely people! (^_^)

sneexe; waiting for confirmation from Redang Kalong

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