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Redang and Redang Kalong Part 2

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

As we determinedly - "determinedly" because my body was still struggling to roll out of bed while I was at the dive centre - pulled on our wetsuits and prepared for the pre-dive briefing, I was fumbling to regain the rhythm of the dive again.
Wetsuit on-booties on-mask, check- weight belt with weights, check-fins, check-pointer, check-underwater casing, check and checked in a tub of water for superficial leaks-BCD, check-regulator attached in the correct orientation, check, buddy, check. Definitely quite a checklist to go through before even stepping on the boat.

At Redang Kalong they're very helpful. I would even venture to say that they spoil us. The tanks are lugged to the boat for you. All you have to do is carry your own BCD, Regulator, Weight belt, Mask, Fins, and Snorkel onto the dive boat. As an extra precaution, the empty underwater casing for our camera came with me. Rather than risk the camera wholesale, I was advised to take the empty case down to test it first.

Obviously, that first dive without a camera meant that we'd see all the big pelagics. After all, that's Murphy's Law. First a Black tip reef about 5 to 6ft long, then a white tip reef shark, a little smaller.

In a way, it all worked out well. After 8 to 9 months of not diving my buoyancy was not up to par yet and with 4 weights I was sinking like the proverbial rock. Making a mental note to remove a weight from the weight belt - and being very pleased about it - we surfaced with ample air and an anticipation for what tomorrows' dives would bring!


Ooh, you're back! And why can't I get a closer look at the instructor? Does he have hot biceps?

When do we get to see the underwater Pics? Will be posting some soon enough myself :) But my sis told me Thailand's blocked YouTube?

Welcome back! Hey, we're trying to organise a get together, can you email me at boo_liciouskl@yahoo.com for the arrangements. Thanks.

I'm so jealous. Here I am working my butt out day and night, and you're having fun. Boohooohooohoo. Looks like it was a lot of fun too. Do post more pictures and make us jealous, boy.

Paul; no lah, Siang is cute but not what I'd call yum! ;-) Alex on the other hand...I think I have pics of him. ;-) The best bod was, I'd have to say on our Godson! ;-)

unka; Yeah I heard YouTube was blocke in TH for a video disrespectful of His Majesty, King Bhumibol. Will be posting underwater pics soon.

boo; emailed ;-) thanks for keeping us in mind.

LL; hehehe take a holiday. I highly recommend it! ;-) Will be posting more pics soon.

i am so jealous. both you and unkaleong away diving... sum more our friend was swimming with the mantas.... any greener you can call me elphaba...(the green wicked witch of the west from wizard of oz)

FBB; Someone's been reading "Wicked" too ;-) No need to be jealous lah. Just go diving. Thinking of going again end June. Wanna go? ;-)

end june? sounds tempting. where though? was thinking of doing a kapalai sipadan trip though.

btw, your nigella dvd is ALMOST ready. we seem to be missing a few episodes in the feast series...and already astro is repeating some, so i dunno if they'll ever show those missing ones. maybe there was porn.

not bad la, got 10 out of 13 episodes, i think. am waiting to see if got anymore before i finalize the dvd..once finalized cannot add oridi.

Oooh! You've read Wicked??? I saw the book once in MPH, read the synopsis which sounded fabulous, but didn't buy it, and when I went back next, I couldn't find it... and nobody I've talked to seems to have heard about it...

dunno what nigel's take on the book was, but i found it very dark and brooding. apparently the musical is on a much lighter veine. although, it really does make you sympathize with the wizard of oz character. i also saw the book in mph, but just borrowed a friend's.

sneexe; a couple of my friends have read it "Wicked" and they loved it.

FBB; I haven't read it but have read the synopsis and a review by a friend, hence I remembered the name Elphaba who was room mates with Glinda the Good.

Must read it.

Concept-wise, I already loved it on sight... subverting the popular stereotypes of "Good" and "Evil" :)

'course, have yet to see if the writing holds true to the promise though.

Too bad it's not available as an eBook. Sigh.

sneexe; no need ebook. I seem to remember seeing it at Borders.

eBook good bcos I can carry as many as I like in my pocket and read them anywhere / everywhere :)

(so long as I have battery that is.)

Have about 30 Sci Fi books on mine at the mo, and am quite addicted to my nightly shot.

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