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Redang and Redang Kalong Part 1

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

The sun was peeping over the horizon as we pulled into the ramshackle jetty hamlet of Merang.
Along the way, the CRV's small fuel tank conjured up images of having to traipse up and down pitch black highways lugging canisters of fuel. So, it was with much relief that we found a petrol station servicing late night lorries. Other than that little bit of excitement to prop the eyes open during our 130am to 7am drive, my other source of entertainment was listening to Allan, Adeline, and Godson, Jeremy snore!Travelling up with Lenard in his Volvo T5 was a blast. Trying to keep up in our CRV wasn't. You can barely see his tail lights in the pic above. I need a Golf GTI. Anyone wanna donate towards a worthy cause? ;-)

By the time we pulled in to Merang Jetty we were totally ready for a feast of carbs and that's exactly what happened. Found the nearest Nasi Lemak shop and dug in to hot rice and sambal with chicken curry. Nothing like something spicy and suspect (hygiene wise) to stir the soul and the flagging body.

Riding the waves was a bit of an experience for our city slicker Godson though. He's got something like 5% body fat and he works out. As such, his arse bore the brunt of the speedboat pounding the waves as we sped toward the resort. Poor boy! That's what you get for low body fat. ;-)
As we disembarked onto a smaller sampan to take us in, I could feel the adrenalin rush of the entire journey begin to fade. My eyes felt like someone had attached weights to them. And I was looking forward to a long nap before a dive in the afternoon.

Allan napping...he's so adorable when he sleeps

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