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Uncle Cheng's Beef Noodles

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy


Went to this place on the recommendation of wmw. I was actually looking forward to trying his Bone Marrow soup actually. But that's only available on special order.

Uncle Cheng was very efficient and pleasant. And in about 10 mins he had our beef noodles on the table. The portion was sufficient without being overly generous and it was served with a small bowl of beef broth. Having said that, the meat was tender, the sauce, beefy, and the tripe was very nice.

At RM6 a bowl, it's not the cheapest in town but I attribute that to the price of beef. There are no shortage of customers though.

I must admit I wasn't overwhelmed but it was a nice change and in a corner of town I do not visit often. I was very pleasantly suprised to see the number of packed coffee shops down that road. Do go give it a go. I'm waiting for him to call me to tell me when the Bone Marrow soup is available.

Uncle Cheng's at Khasiat Coffee Shop
Jalan 17/12, PJ(take the 2nd left after the Shell Station, which should be on your left, and the 1st left thereafter)


Ha - just around the corner from my place! There's also a very good mamak around this area + a good tai chow.

looks refreshing!..hmmm i really need to explore this area..just not my homeground..

lenard; ya hor you just around the corner. ;-)

Joe; it's near Food Foundry

Near Food Foundry?? Hmmm... How come I haven't seen it?!?!? Must go!


sneexe; use the turning before food foundry...and then take the 1st left again.

IMHO, Food Foundry standard dropped once they pared down their menu last year. They've opened a new outlet in Jln Kurau in Bangsar tho.

Yes, it's not remarkable but a pleasant meal nevertheless! Did you try the tenderloin meat?

initially i tot u said FBB's Beef Noodles... LOL

lenard, yeah saw the fish road one undergoing renos. You're not the 1st to say that

wmw; yes, not remarkable. No didn't try the tenderloin. Just asked for stock standard ;-) Usually, better to start with wht they offer and then try the specials.

jackson ah; you got FBB on the brain ;-) LOL

Bone Marrow Soup == Sup Gearbox?!

William; don't know lah. When he calls you wanna go? ;-)

well, then i simply MUST see if this is a long lost relative...

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