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Redang and Redang Kalong Chapter 2 Volume 1

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Over 500km later we s pull into our embarkation point.

"That was sudden" remarks Kathleen who was riding with us in our car.


She was right. We had been zipping through a quaint little village when the jetty just pops into view round the corner.

We stop. We unload our luggage. And after a quick snack, the boat arrived and we were on our way, thumping our way accross a green gray sea set against a steel gray sky.


If we had been standing on the bow we would have been on the receiving end of needles like spray from sky and sea. It was a heavy drizzle.

As the fibreglass boat flexed and heaved it's way accross the water, I was filled with an excitement to see Redang Kalong and it's people again. We had so much fun there the last time and we all looked forward to what we considered a well deserved break.


Ah Xiang, T aka The Dolphin Man (says he as he takes a puff and sits his arse next to me), A.B., had all entered our consciousness as people who were passionate about their lives and loved what they do. It is soul food to be in their midst.



Ahhhhhh! Just stab me with my bayonet and my rifle already! I miss redang kalong and more so the company when i was there!

Must tahan! 22 months to go!

Whoa. Got 2nd chapter some more. Any pics of guys in speedos?

jerjer;Myles is back. He's been here a week already. School holidays lah. His Mum & Dad got him a Canon EOS 400D with Ikelite casing and strobe. Amazing. Met a guy here from Temasek Poly. Going to Canada to study. Miss you. ;-)

Savante; Yup 2nd Chapter. Never thought we'd be back up in the same year. More fun than ever.

Sounds like a really fun and relaxed place. No wonder twice a year trip. I went to the Island my first time last week... really loved the relaxed feeling that sun sea and sand gives me.

Got wi fi on the island...mmm. Can blog away without any care in the world :o)

teckiee; very relaxing very true

wmw; is that a hint? ;-)

:) waaa... I miss it already. :9

but not the headaches. Back to work... :p

So much fun you're having (I can see!).

sneexe; hmmm must figure out your headaches...ask a doctor too pls. ;-)

jason; more fun than shooting fish in a barrel! ;-)

good stuff.. i also want such a holiday too..!

heyy I think I stayed in that exact room upstairs by the stairs when I went there!! We loved that place! Used to be in the family.*wink* related to everyone-lah.

Let's do a bloggers field trip *dreaming* sigh!

Beachside Blogmeet? Woo... would be good to meet everyone.

joe; go. go. good for the soul. Don't work too much! It blunts your creativity.

msiagirl; sounds good lah. Beachside? When you coming over again ah? ;-) Tell us in advance. We'll set up something.

sneexe; help me organise can? ;-) hehehehe

Haha, so when are you coming back?

:) can! Hehee :)

I think you'll get over here before I get a chance to get over there! Sad sad face :(

happy bday nigel =)

Happy Burpday Nigel!!! *muaks*

I bet you have some special Cake! I guess your birthday must be some time round now then??? Sending a BIG HUG!

Jason; back already lah ;-) want to go back!

sneexe; good on ya :-)

msiagirl; with the way time flies; I'll be over in the UK and back and you'll be visiting this side again. ;-)

xiulongbao; thanks much yy. ;-) Say hi to Char siew bao ya!

babe; thanks, BABE ! Muaks back

msiagirl; cake makers bake for everyone else. I got lovely chocolate cake a friend baked AND I will be posting about my AWESOME pressie from my beloved, adorable, sweetheart! ;-) Can you tell he bought me what I wanted? ;-)

I am a cobbler's wife with no shoes too ;) Mr G is techno wizard design person and I got to learn all the computer stuff like blogging on my own. Typical! Glad to hear your sweetie got you what you wanted - can't wait to hear what that is!xx

I didn't know it was your birthday... I nearly wanted to bring over a cake I made but I was too shy after sampling the result :(

Diving next year!

hmmmm~ where's chapter 2 vol. 2??? i have been waiting waiting & waiting then sudden pops up harry potter![??]

Aiyo. Sorry lah FF. ;-)

Will get on it. :-) Have so many pics to post. And it has been bee zee ;-)

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