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Fogal's Meat Market

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

In KL, the best places to get the meat you need is a wet market. I firmly believe in this.

Whenever I need pork for my roast pork, I go to the Bangsar Wet Market and find my friend the "chuee yoke loh." Heaven knows what his name is. I've asked him a couple of times. But he says "kiu ngor "chuee yoke kor" tuk ke le."

In any case, the pork I get from him for my char siu, roast pork, or what have you is usually divine. Just enough fat and marbling.

With that in mind, I was truly awed when I saw what Fogal's Meat Market in Plaza Damas had to offer. My friend, P, had recommended this place before but it wasn't till we were to help a friend, J, move his antique cabinet that we actually had the chance to dine there.

Not only does Fogal's sell meat but they also serve good, hearty, very Australian inspired food.

The meat they sell is brought in to Malaysia from Australia and raised in Kluang. On their own farm and with their own processing facilities. They feed their livestock whole grain for a few months before they slaughter and process them. This from Dave. One of the chaps I was talking to at Fogal's. Friendly fellow.

Since then, I've been itching to go back to try their meats and sausages ( which are all made in the store.)

For Brunch on Sunday though, J, Allan and I had some really good food. If you're a carnivore, this is the place for you. Even if you're not, there are offerings aplenty in a menu that is surprisingly extensive.

With wines even!


Iced Coffee
Allan's Kebabs - tender, meaty, and juicy - great seasoned fries, slightly crunchy on the outside but warm and fluffy in the middle
J's pies. Didn't try them but from where I was sitting it looked moist and filled. Not half empty.
My Lamb burger. A bargain at RM13.00. Thick, juicy, meaty patty redolent of lamb but not overpoweringly so. The Cole slaw was home made and fabulous. Not gunky and gooey but lightly coated with the mayonaisse dressing. And they substituted my chips with a green salad. So I was feeling extra virtuous.

Fogal Meat Market
N-1-4 Plaza Damas
Above Hartamas Shopping Center
Jalan Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03 6201 3206
6201 3306


chu yuk lor eh?..means he should know fbb lor (pork seller)?? want to go run to this place now..i love meat!

Suddenly all the drafts are done and got posted? Mmmm...haven't been but seems my friend supplies the meat at Fogal's. Must ask and confirm with her whether this is the place.

funny my butcher is a young skinny lady and i cant call her chue yoke low :p since everyone would have called one dat name :p

she had a nice name, joey, to boot too haha

hmm this place sounds great.

Looks good. I drove pass this place without giving it a 2nd glance...now i will got to check it out soon. Yumzz...eyeing on Allan's kebab.

Ooh. Pork.

joe; I knew there was a reason I liked you! ;-)

wmw; must be...gorgeous looking meats

babe_kl; go try lah

precious; my burger was really good too.

Savante; Pork as in the meat or as in the ...ummm... ;-)

Ahh food and umm other rude things, that's why I come here!

I like it that your meat seller's name is chu yuk kor (big brother right) what is "tuk ke le" my cantonese fail-lah!

Ooh want to bring mr G here, sounds like something he'll enjoy after a week of penang food! I can't believe you said no to chips! Bow down, bow down!

I hook you up with my chee yokelou's in SS2 and TTDI wet market when I come back. Hahaha..

Ooo...Fogal's Meat Market is right opposite the place I go for jewelry class...=) Their potato wedges are yummy too!!

msiagirl; yeah...no to chips...soggy chips with malt vinegar and copious amounts of sodium. ;-) ummm *entering zen state* hehehe

unka; thanks man ;-)

sooyin; saw Strands and was reminded of your entry. You took our cakes there right? ;-)

congrats on you guys' latest new launch. Will drop by when v r in the area, even tho v r not cake afficionados ( like those so many ). We still think u sound like an accounting Top 3 firm ( or legal firm !) but suppose that is the draw.

That lamb bugger looks good.. and for that price.. so worth it. Must remember the burger.

team bsg; maybe it's the training! ;-) I was a consultant with an international firm.

As for cakes, we also do desserts! ;-)

teckiee; the poor BUGGER was a lamb. But the Burger was excellent! ;-) hehehe

nothing like things being moist and filled.

We like the roast lamb here. Tried all the roasts they have but the lamb was the most tender. The lamb burger looks good. They're the same people who do Tucker Box in Dsara Uptown hence they sell the Aussie Pies.

Now that just gave me the idea where to have nice juicy kebabs.

sze; absolutely! Especially when it's a handsome cut of MEAT! ;-)

Boo; ooo must go try that place. Want to get the pork chop and try my parsley onion crumb crusted pork chops (what a mouthful).

Jason' go go, I recommend!

hehe...ya, good food must share share mar...=))

Absolutely, sooyin! ;-)

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