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Krazeeee about Krispy Kremes ;-)

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

IMG_2529 Hmmm, I wonder if I should be so glad. I walked into bootcamp today and Masta V gave me this packet with the familiar (to me at any rate) cursive and the High Glycemic Index food of Krispy Kremes.

I haven't eaten it yet but if it's as I remember, they should be soft and yielding, great flavour and SWEEEEEEEEET!

Since I'm not supposed to have carbs at night, I'll have a bit of this with my muesli tomorrow. :-)

Maybe Stu paid Masta V! Things that make me go hmmm...


I was wondering why the paper bag seem alien. Then I realised. Ppl here buy by the dozen, hence I have only ever seen the box!! :D And I have some vouchers that allows me to get one dozenfree with every dozen I buy.. O.O

I've only ever bought these things in less than 6 ;-) hahaha

OMG the craze is hitting again.

My bf got me a dozen earlier today, and it's crazy sweet...I can't eat more than 3! o_0

try wiping/scraping the sugar coat off like i did ;p
crazee i know but i juz couldnt swallow it. heheh

Read about the queue on its opening day. Krispy kreme krraaaze indeed. Lucky me no fan. =P

The muesli sounds more attractive.

Chaokar; as I said, the hype is bigger than the doughnut

Bangsar Babe ah; THREEEEEE???!!!! Just hearing that I've got insulin spike already ;-)

R; its still sweet...the glaze soaks into the DEEP FRIED DOUGH. It's like a little sponge. It probably looks dehydrated before the glaze then it sort of "POINKS" up to that big glossy plump thing we eat ;-)

Tummy; you and I both. Had a bite of it this morning. Cut a piece out just to try. Satisfied my curiosity. It's as I remember it when I had it in London. But actually, it didn't seem as sweet. So they may have tweaked the recipe.

LL, it was; especially after using our "special" brown sugar! ;-) heehehe Allan's aunt is with Perlis Plantations and we get some nice, dried, cane juice which looks like soft, grated gula melaka. It's yummy and unprocessed. Just as I like it.

Nigel, you make your own muesli, right? The brown sugar sounds delicious,although I tend to depend on the fruits in my muesli to give me my sugar high.

Krispy kremes are too sweet, don't you think?

nigel..! eat the damn thing!

LL; the fruist high more healthy la but yes we make our own...tho we use instant oats as Allan doesn't like the chewiness of Rolled.

Selba; totally but lurve the texture

CIKI; no no got challenge but ate a bite today :-) as I remember it...soft, voluptuous almost, and SWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT!

Must resist bro! Hahaha ;) Eh, so how? Challenge over d r?

Unka; challenge still on. I didn't eat it! ;-)

eat it.. eat it... doncha make me repeat it... it doesnt matter who's wrong or rite.. just EAT IT! (sung to the tune of Beat It by MJackson:P)

i resisted temptation, and walked by Krispy Kreme not once, not twice, but thrice last week!

OK, sometimes the crowd may be deterring, but in the mornings, you can have the shop by yourself, more or less.

Resistance is futile! We are Krispy Kreme and we WILL assimilate you!


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Jules; only the blogs I follow ;-)

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