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Hot Cross Buns

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hot Cross buns
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot Cross buns


I caught a glimpse of hot cross buns that Dad bought, laid out on the table. He's very sweet. He goes to church on Sunday mornings and picks up all sort of 'SOMETIMES' food to eat. :-)

Then I had to run into the office to pass some stuff to customers.

At that point, I felt this urge surge through me. "Let's make Hot Cross Buns" the Voice in my head said. "It's Easter week after all."


So off I went on my quest of High Protein/Strong White/Bread Flour. And a quest it was too. Tilting at windmills ala Don Quixote might have been easier. From TMC to Bangsar Village. In and out of the car sifting through the flour section, the organic section. Eventually, I found it in BV. In a clear packet, no big brand like CAP SAUH on it or anything. Just a small little label with a barcode saying "HIGH PROTEIN FLOUR."

*choirs of angels breakout in* HALLELUJAH!


So there we were...High Protein Flour, Orange Sweet Potatoes (for a potato dough), cinnamon, and a pinch of ginger, fruit macerated in brandy and rum, and a modified Brioche recipe for a quintessentially Easter treat. Hot Cross Buns.


Except with the recipe I used, they wouldn't cost 2 a penny! ;-)



Cumi&Ciki sang this and reminded me of the whole rhyme;

Hot Cross buns
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot Cross buns

If you have no daughters
Give them to your sons
One a penny
Two a penny
Hot Cross Buns

And as an aside, if they're not 'Hot' anymore, what do you call them? Chillin' Cross Buns? Cold Cross Buns? Cross Buns? Things that make you go...hmmm...Maybe I should (credit to Allan) call them HAWT Cross Buns ;-)


Looks good!!! I never had any hot cross buns..since...*counting fingers...and still counting* ....9 YEARS!!!

Anyway..Happy Easter to you and Allan!

Yum yum. Delicious!

Eh, I thought bakers had everything in their pantry wan? :-P :-P

Deng it. Hot cross buns never looked so seductive ;) ehehehe .... nice one Nigel ... and Happy Easter in advance ya sweetheart to you and Allan! :)


Aiyo Pea, making some more...want ah? ;-)

Happy Easter babe ;-)

LL; Not since kitchen moved ;-)

Kenneth; you too babelicious...hugs

Ya lah hor.. I oso thot bakers would have EVERYTHING! :D

Your buns are soooo even.

Must be nice and fluffy too.

Since they have potatoes in them.


Happy Easter, guys!

DAMN SHIOK MAN. Cumi sms-ed me at work this morning...

I ate a few for bfast guilty! I must say, they are heavier and more solid to the bite than they look. really good!

Gfad, we try and practice JIT stock lorrr...otherwise too much stock die la

Ciki, am glad you liked em ;-)

Sigh.. we only have two left for breakfast. Maybe one box can fit 12? =)

will give you recipe ;-) you can make then for yourself whenever ;-) hahahaha

hahahaha Precious pea ah...you want bunz right? Not the recipe. ;-) Spoke to you di ma ;)

yikez, it's now 3.30 in the morning and almost time for breakfast. and here i am, drooling over them buns. hot or not, it'll be great with a cuppa.

HAWT, definitely!

WAT ARE You doing up at 330am in the morning? ;-)

ME, ME, i want the recipe...
just paid tribute to you....on my blog.

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You can get all sorts of baking flour at this specialty shop in Paramount Garden called "GuttenBraun".

It's a corner lot directly behind the CIMB bank that faces the Shell station.

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