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Goodbye to Budapest

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Allan in Sze's front hall with her old fashioned cage lift

After one glorious, fun-filled week in Hungary, with perfect hospitality from Sze, we sadly make our way back to London for our last week of hijinks.


As a last fling, we went to the Central Market Hall on the last day, as well as this gorgeous little pastry shop we filed past on our way back to Sze's place. She took us there specifically to try the last dessert picture. This one above is is a chocolate mousse ball wrapped in chocolate marzipan.
A chilled cheese with fruit on top
Flaky pastry with a light cream pastry cream in the middle. Just absolutely delicious.

Wish we could go back every year. Miss you Sze. Luv to Xtian.


gosh this feels like ages ago! can't wait to see you guys again in august. meanwhile, i'm living it up in istanbul :)


Sze you visiting Malaysia in August??? Another year has gone by....

wmw; that she is ;-) no kidding about time flying!

not quite yet! can't believe that i now have to trudge through 4 whole months without a holiday :(

sze; hahaha just finished 2 nights at shang...and going for a spa treatment thingy in putrajaya shang... ;-) I wouldn't moan too much if i were you...I mean ISTANBUL!

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