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Budapest's "Wet" Market

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Who has been to a wet market in Malaysia?

Slimy, stinky, fishy, with bits of ground in offal and produce on the floor. Meat with flies swarming, oppressive, humid muggy places housed in square, squat buildings of utilitarian value.

Contrast this with the Great Market Hall or Central Market Hall of Budapest, Hungary otherwise known as Nagy Vásárcsarnok.


Beautiful, well planned, and sectioned into various different sections, you had gorgeous sausages, luscious fruit, and a lavish spread of different types of snacks and street food.


Blood Sausages



the mercato centrale i visited in florence is something like that too. just so different from here... and i love to eat at that market!

ya, their markets are amazing. Like London's Borough Market.

If we had markets like these here, I'd go just to inhale all the lovely smells and sights, if not for shopping. Heck, I'd get a kitchen just to have an excuse to try out some of them goods and goodies... :D

welcome back to Malaysia bro . . . .lolz . . . . .even the market in Vietnam is cleaner than ours . . .

kenny, no kidding, that's what we were doing at Borough in London's Southwark.

foodcrazee; been back for QUITE a few months. Just never got around to posting about the sights and sounds. Thought, better late than never.

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