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Budapest - Architecture

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Budapest had some of the most amazing architecture I've ever seen. The connection to the Austro-Hungarian Empire is obvious; look at the similarities between Vienna and Budapest. The facades of even the most mundane buildings were works of art. The craftsmanship was impeccable. The decor of the interior of some of the more famous buildings hark back to Orthodox Church's influence on tastes.

Budapest, Opera House

Building facade - the most ordinary flats are housed in buildings like this
Angel guarding the Duna (Danube)
Budapest - Hungary's Parliament - notice the Riot Police. There were riots the day we got in.
Inside the Opera House
Hungary's Parliament
Another Building Facade
Sze's Apartment Block Courtyard
Some art museum / school

Another gorgeous facade - of a department store

Budapest is a melancholy city. As Sze says, Hungary is the only city that has public holidays commemorating failed revolutions and lost wars. As a matter of fact, the day we arrived was a public holiday in honour of the 23 Oct 1956 revolution, which Hungary lost. This air of melancholy pervades the atmosphere. However, people are very friendly and very accomodating once you get past that initial impression.


and i thought i'd seen all the good pics of budapest buildings. nice from the bottom-up vantage points!

Eh, surely there are some cute Hungarian men somewhere...

sze; got more on budapest. Breaking the entry's up.

savante; there were...lots ;-) especially, the Riot Police

sze; thanks for the compliment too ;-)

nice nice..riots eh? well nothing new now since we intro them in malaysia as well ;)

joe; the point is, we seem to be arriving every time these things happen ;-)

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Very nice place....I want a vacation!!!

Ah, Old Europe! I miss it so! Still, it will always be there to return to someday, no?

And I love how Budapest celebrates its losses... a city after my own heart! :)

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos taken in Hungary. I've been to this place once, and I really like it there. But it was a little too cold! I like their building structures very much, so intricate.

beautiful pictures!

kenny; you're a melancholic soul ;-)

wenching & esiong; thanks for coming

jackson; thanks :-)

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