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A Truly British (or is it Bri'ish) Wedding

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Instead of a chronological diary of events that occured on our Big Adventure, I thought it might be more interesting to relate stories or events that happened during that time. So there will be a series of stories and tales from our trip which won't be in any order. Just as long as a photo from my flickr collection piques my memory, I'll stick it in here as an entry.

As some of you may know, we didn't go to the UK on a whim. My young cuz was getting married to the man of her dreams (yes, she's sure, they've been going out for 9 years) and they were finally going to tie the knot. Her elder sister had just done the deed a few months before in KL and now it was Cee's turn.

So off we went.

The day of the wedding dawned bright and clear. Yes folks, Bright and Clear. In Cambridge. In the middle of an English Autumn. If that's not a sure sign of global warming I don't know what is. George Bush should have come over to have a look. He would have signed the Kyoto Protocols for sure!

And so, Allan and I had brought the wedding cake for Celia and we gave that as our present as well as the handbouquets for the Bride and Matron of Honour. Celia bought the flowers and Allan put the bouquets together. We were told that each bouquet could cost upwards of 100 Pounds. Insane.

In any case, the day proceeded beautifully and we have some memorable photos for keepsakes.





Now the curious thing about a Bri'ish wedding; like us it stretches through the day but in some ways, it's even more strenous than what we put ourselves through. They start at around 2pm with the ceremony. It was in the gorgeous Girton College of the University of Cambridge. And from the on, it's a non-stop affair. After the wedding proper there are snacks and photographs. By this time, it's around 4pm and they adjourn for the Wedding Breakfast...at 530pm or thereabouts. And it truly is a BREAK-FAST. Like Sahur! ;-)

People eat, drink, and be merry. Speeches in that droll British style. And after THAT, they invite a few more guests for the evening festivities which start at 8pm. And go on till the wee hours when the bride and groom make their escape.

Mum and Dad called time at around 7pm and Allan and I had to go back to our B&B for a nap before we came back for the evening festivities. Whew!

And what festivities they were.

The photos say it all.

Nigel, Padlick, Allan
Padlick, Allan
Cousin It
Richard, Viv
Vidya, Allan
American Beauty? ;-)
Padlick, Viv


My God. Certainly looks like a wild party! I love that American Beauty!

hahaha....great shots, truly defines the word "FUN"!

hehehe thanks both of you ;-)

great head banging picture!

Head Banging only meh? Hahaha! Alan looks like a Horny Diva in these pictures! The Cutie in the Middle is really a treat!

yeap yeap.. NICE shots! :)
and yeap yeap, love the American Beauty!

Nigel and Allan..great photos. The only reason you found it hardcore was because you guys must be getting old - haha. Your 'young cuz' isn't that young she just looks it! Thanks again Si and C

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