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Ninja Jones

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Time flies when you're working or having fun. This post has been in my drafts for almost a month now. In any case, it was still a fun night and worthy of a post. So here it is.

The RSVP Klue dinner was held in Ninja Jones. The food was decent (I'm not going into a huge dissection of how it went) but it was barely enough. It was fun hanging out with Lianne, Boo, Lyrical Lemongrass, Splashie Boy, and Bald Eagle.

Now, I'm usually suspicious of restaurants with "entertainment" settings like gimicky costumes because I've always felt that it distracts you from what should be the true star. Sure, a proper environment and setting for the food sets up the appropriate expectations but beyond that, ninja costumes and masks were, well, IMHO a bit excessive.

Having said that, we also had the opportunity to meet up with msiagirl who turned out to be a real gem.

I only really had one complaint; the salmon was overcooked. It was another laugh a minute night.

Splashie Boy
Bald Eagle


indulgence nigel... utter indulgence...

Ninjas serve you food!? How cool!

Excessive would be if they did flying kung-fu as they served you your food - but not before tossing it clear across the room with someone to catch it with a plate on the other side. :)

Great pics, Nigel! Love the subtle coverup of people.

i find almost all japanese restaurants fail to cook salmon with a pinkish soft touch in the middle..perhaps health purposes?

Such few words? My my my u are busy whizzy still huh.
Nice bald eagle capture!

Aiyah..must show a bit of Bald's eagle eyes..just like his wife. LOL! Yet to try but would like to bring my nephew there one day..am sure he will be amazed with ninjas flying here and there.

My Ipoh friends finally made their way there few weeks ago. According to them, the food is just ok.
Now, I would like to see if the ninjas can use smoke bombs and shurikens :P

zewt; LOL for fun. Mostly for the company. Always have a blast with the floggers.

Sam; Ya lor. Would like to see faces behind my service people though. But something sexy too about anonymous waiters. ;-) Wonder about the eating in the dark craze that's sweeping London and New York.

LL; Thanks dear. From you that's a true compliment. And thanks for the photos! ;-)

Tummy; hehehe, thought I'd just post this one rather than let it sit till it's perfect. ;-) Have to learn to let go and surrender! Ohhhmmmm

Precious; I'd go back for the food but ask one of the other waiters to serve it. ;-)

Jason; Food is ok. On every restaurant, there are goods and bads. Never seen a joint where EVERYTHING was fab.

Ninjas = Kewl.

unka; you'd look good in the ninja suit

Can tip toe into Ninja Jones in stealth mode, eat and leave..without paying the bill? Hahaha....Yeah, I think my nephews will like it there too!

wmw; ummm...you and I ah...stealth mode and us don't go together. We are altogether expansive personalities with auras to match. No. No. ;-)

But what a cool concept! Ninjas serving food! Sure no poison?

bald eagle nice pic :) and it's good to see you back in blogland. xxx

hey there, sounds like a great launch at JHP lately - congrats! It WAS really lovely to meet you that night (sadly, after Ninja Jones, so I didn't get to see any blokes in black).

savante; we know that the ninja's only interest you cos of the katana's they carry! ;-)

sze; thanks babe...when you back off to Hun-ga-ree?

msiagirl; ya lor...next time stay longer! ;-)

nige - friday. can't wait!

Sze; Aiyo...am sure...reading msiagirl's entry on her home and garden. I miss UK in the summer even if it's just for 2 weeks a year. It seems to make up for the rest of the year.

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