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The Golden Compass

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Went to sooyin's site and read about The Golden Compass movie website. I've read the books and absolutely loved them. And can't wait for the movie.

In any case, on the website you can also find out what your "daemon" is. Go to the following link and you'll find out what a "daemon" is. This is Allan's daemon.

And this is mine.


cool! the mention of tokaji wine made me laugh - hungary's one claim to fame these days...

A crow and a... now is that squirrel or wombat or... :)

A raccoon...hmm I get the clever sociable bit but modest, surely not? *wink* I guess I'm thinking in the downcast eyes kinda way!

sze; yes it was...like that wine...very medieval...I only remember "BULLS BLOOD" wine from Hungary! ;-)

Dr Paul; A RAVEN! I think...And bloody hell...it CHANGED! It was a tiger but someone must have disagreed with my estimation of myself. ;-) What's yours? A naked mole rat??? ;-) LOL hehehe sorry couldn't resist... ;-)

msiagirl; Shoots! It changed! ;-) It WAS a TIGER! ;-)

haha! Now it is a very noble looking Great Dane! Dangerous to leave these up - but very funny!

Ya...the daemon changes forms everytime one of your friends do the quiz. Someone did mine and turned me from a fine looking bird into an itsy bitsy spider...=P

I just bought the book yesterday, looking forward to reading it this weekend!

msiagirl; ya...it was some sort of leopard or something before ;-)

sooyin; that's first part of a trilogy. ;-) You'll have quite a bit of reading ahead of you. ;-)

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