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The Cusp...

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Partying with the "boys" and Ka Cheh... ;-)

It's been an eventful year!

We've been on TV. The biz is trundling along, and we think the time has finally come to give it a bit of a push. Yes, that word...expansion.

God has been very kind to us and although some people might say we're lucky, we prefer to think of ourselves as being blessed in more ways than we could ever have imagined.

I don't necessarily believe in coincidences. I do believe that when there is guidance from the divine and you choose to listen to that guidance, the path does become easier. And signposts appear in all sorts of forms to tell you that "this is the path you need to be on at this point in time."

So, blessings to all as father time marches out of 2005 and get's reborn into 2006. To all my friends and family, thank you for your love and support that you have extended to both of us.

Allan and I wish you all the joy, love, peace, happiness and prosperity that you think you can handle AND MORE! I hope that your cup overflows.


Hi Nigel and Allan :)

Happy New Year! I hope to see more of you guys this year than my what seems to be tradition of once a year. This, of course, being the average no. of times I see Chris "The Invisible" Martens.

Wasn't able to catch you guys on TV but I saw the teaser - and I was like - hey! It's them! And the last time we were talking it was about longevity peach-confectionery.

Do drop me a line sometime!

many blessings,

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