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The Girl From Ipoh

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

I feel like such a culture vulture.

First, Jose Carreras on Tuesday, then The Song Company on Saturday, and tonight, "The Girl From Ipoh."

The Song Company was polished, fun, a tight blend, and something that The Wicked Pitches aspire to be. Enough Said.

The Girl From Ipoh, directed by Low Ngai Yuen, starring Carmen Soo, Lee Swee Keong, Tony Eusoff, Season Chee, and the girls of LIT.

Ostensibly a story of about being Chinese and the crossover from the traditional to the modern and how both are still clashing in Malaysia. Loved it.

One could nitpick and say that some of the harmonies could be lusher and tighter but basically, the girls and Ngai Yuen stick to what they do best. Simple 1,3,5 stacked harmonies with a backbeat, LIT made the story into simple but effective Musical Theatre. They have improved tremendously and their blend is far tighter than when Allan and I saw them a couple of years ago.

Special mention needs to be mentioned of Lee Swee Keong who was powerful as Carmen Soo's Dad. Carmen was perfect in the role of chinese challenged banana. And Season Chee...I'm not certain if he has performed before but he played the role with some panache and daring. Especially the condom scene. Tony Eusoff and his usual ebullient characterisation was a treat to watch.

All in all, a very entertaining show and it was obvious that the producers had the audience in mind when they did this! More please!


you know, at first I was convinced that Season and the dad were one and the same! (yeah, i found the dad kinda cute too - just my shaven head fetish la)

Lee Swee Keong is a dancer by profession but you wouldn't know it from the performance he gave. He was fantastic as the Dad. As for Season, I've never heard of him before.

Shaven head huh? ;-)

i don't get it, a cappella AND actors? so i guess the actors didn't sing? or were they lip-synching?

Think "Thank you for the music" WITHOUT the orchestra...basically the singing tied the story line together. ;-)

Music Theatre without the orchestra.

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