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By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

King Crab - 5kg Posted by Hello

Went to Unique Seafood with some family members last night.

We pigged!

And pigged and pigged and pigged!

King Crab, Bamboo Clams, Spotted Garoupa, Lobster Sashimi, King Crab Roe, Lobster soup, Fried Rice and Some vegetables to balance out the dinner.

As Maria says "Let's start from the very beginning."

Lobster sashimi - It was so fresh it practically walked off the plate, slapped you on the arse and winked at you! The feelers and tails were still twitching as the meat was served up in a bowl in front of you. And boy was it sweet! There were a few squirms of discomfort thinking about it at first but after that first mouthful it was like, gimme more! The head, legs, and tail were then chopped into large pieces and made into a soup. Delicioso!

Bamboo Clams - About 7 inches long and steamed with garlic, spring onions, and a little garlic oil. Say no more!

Spotted Garoupa - Think "Soon Hock" with firm flaky white flesh but the sweetness of a flat fish, steamed with spring onions, ginger, garlic, and some garlic oil.

And the piece de resistance, King Crab - This was a phenomenal preparation. The Crab was cracked open and fried with salted eggs, garlic, and ginger. The crab itself was insane! Pieces of meat the size of Chicken thighs. Even the thinnest legs had meat the size of my thumbs. Sweet, flavourful explosions of chunky crab meat you couldn't get enough of. The roe was served separately with steamed egg white in the shell as a broth. *swoon*

We practically rolled out of there. Allan had to have some antacid equivalent but it was all worth it. The company, the giggles, and the FOOD!

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