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By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

My reply to a blogger in the UK who kept a blog before they were called blogs. His name is P. Check his site out at http://www.thatp.com

He's writing about a friend of his who was gay but came out as straight recently.

Hey P

Long time no chat. But what you've experienced and what we've been seeing in a friend of ours has sort of parallels.

I agree with your last paragraph and you're absolutely spot on there. But I think the reason that most people find it hard to believe is because you always put what you hear into the context of your own experiences.

And as far as I know, while it's becoming easier to come out, it still is, for most people, a long, hard road. So from that point of view, the question becomes, if it was so hard to do in the first place, and you are now socially "unacceptable" would it be easier for you just to go back into the closet?

Having said that, I am just playing devil's advocate. I've come to believe that for those who are more enlightened, being gay or straight is really more a requirement of our society to categorise.

If we look at it as just 2 souls falling in love/like with each other, what does it really matter what sex they are. Just that most men couldn't stomach the idea of having sex with other men because of social conditioning.

More power to your friend, the formerly gay man! ;-) I hope he finds true happiness.

Love and happy Chinese New Year
From Malaysia

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