Food, life, and fun in my "kampung,"(village), KL (Kuala Lumpur). Did I mention "food?"

Bermuda & Onion in Changkat Bukit Bintang

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

(Warning; some people may not be used to seeing a suckling pig being deboned. If so, don't scroll all the way down. I believe that we should know where our food comes from and it's not the neat, sanitised square pieces we see in the supermarkets, hence my decision to include that photo)

There's nothing like the feel of a sincere hug. ALMOST nothing beats the intimacy and wholehearted physical communication of a hug lovingly given and gratefully received.

The religious zealots and self righteous will now be screaming blue bloody murder. After all, even school uniforms are now symbols of sexual perversions. Men, you have been labeled perverted pigs who will lose all semblance of control at the barest hint of nubile, satiny smooth, warm, flesh. What I find interesting is that Malaysian men in general have not come out in droves to protest the insult to their honour and self control. Is there a tacit acceptance and agreement among Malaysian men that we are somehow less than human and animalistic in our lack of self control?

But I digress.

Warm Sunday afternoons on quietER KL streets are always conducive to sitting around with good friends and just generally talking about anything and everything. A time to speak from the heart meaningful but forgettable words which fill the ether with a contentment of camaraderie and nothing else.

Accompanied by that most needful of neccesities; good food.


Under the watchful gaze of Jack Nicholson at his most "Shining" moment, we sat tucked at the back of Bermuda and Onion (B&O) right by the seat of honour; the kitchen in all it's glassed up glory.


Amidst a stylish, contemporary, bistro interior, sporting funky fans with clear plastic blades that droop chicly (is that a word) to create a lamp when stationary, Chef Max serves good, hearty Italian inspired food. For lovers of comfort food, this is your place.


Deep fried frogs legs, Wild Boar Fettucine, and ' Cassola' (the Italian version of 'Cassoulet') feature on the menu. Max was kind enough to invite me into his kitchen and fished out an entire Pigs Head from the stock pot, proudly and mischievously stating that "this is going into our Terrine."

If you're looking for effete "fusion cuisine" please look elsewhere. The word "fusion" when applied to food sends shivers down my neanderthal spine.


Pots were boiling, skillets were sizzling, chefs and assistants were bustling around wrapping slices of bacon...individually. The bacon that is, and not each assistant.


How can you not fall in love/lust with this place? Bacon on a Sunday for brunch/lunch. There's something so visceral about sizzling bacon and that oh so heavenly waft of smoky caramel savouriness of the fat that wends its way through your nose into your heart and the pit of your stomach.

The gathering is complete when along comes lyrical lemongrass and hunky hubby, Bald Eagle. One of those loving hugs later and we sat down with Blessings Homestay's, Yew Mun, and Handsome John (he's sort of taken but do ask) and of course the both of us to complete an afternoon of bitchingcomplaininglaughterteasingbonding.

As this trencher of mixed cold cuts and meats made its way to our table (something the folks at B&O call the Rustic B&O Platter), we gasp at the cornucopia before us. It's listed in the menu that it's for 2 persons. But the 6 of us , accompanied by warm, crusty farmers bread, barely finished the parma ham, salumi, and bresaola combo. Not to mention the parmesan, brie, gorgonzola, and various other cheeses that sat on that glorious slab.


If that wasn't enough, a bowl of stuffed olives and kalamatas as well as Caramelised Balsamic Onions came to accompany the meats.


We made the mistake of ordering individual breakfasts. Of course, by this time, we had been so transported by the carnivorous urges brought on by the sight of so much meat, our collective discretion just flew out the proverbial window. So we committed the sin of what the cantonese call "eyes wide, cramped tummy" and ordered TWO of the "English" breakfast plate.


And TWO of the "Rich."


AND Grilled Ribs (that's Handsome John by the way, and both he and the ribs were yummy, thank you very much). The ribs were meltingly tender with a good pull and moist as anything. A hallmark of a good "low and slow" barbecue. The accompaniment of beans and potatoes were flavourfully indicative of a lovely, long slow stew.


Operating on the principle of 'there's a separate stomach for dessert' I brought a Rosemary Butter Cake which went rather well with B&O's vanilla bean-flecked home made ice cream. When we eventually and regretfully took our leave our wallets were lighter by about RM56 per person. It wasn't just a case of sufficient food. It was the practice of stuffing your face even after you were full. And for that, it was super value for money.




Along the idyllic stream of that Sunday afternoon, we got to see Chef Max bone a suckling pig (yes, they serve that too) and while away a lazy day in enjoyable company with some great food to accessorise and punctuate the moments. Isn't that what life is all about?

I never got to ask what Bermuda & Onion meant though. Oh well, there's always next time. And believe me, by hook or by crook, there will be...

For more pictures, click on the following link;

Bermuda & Onion
No 41 Changkat Bukit Bintang

Opening hours;

Weekdays 12pm till 11pm
Sat & Sun 10am till 11pm

Rosemary Butter Cake Photo courtesy of A Whiff of Lemongrass


hey nigel, great meeting u and even better to be sitting near u. It was lovely putting a face to a name and even better with such lovely company!

teckiee said the EXACT same thing when she realized what his name is. He didn't use that tag line but I had a hard time remembering his name and at one time associated it with lemon...... (yup! food!)

ahahaha ;-) Chanks for stopping by dear ;-) Yes great to put a face to the blog ;-)

I dunno, but I seem to having a heckuva lot more of produce from Porksville when you boys are around. Sorry I couldn't join you guys here for lunch... The horrors of moving house... :P

I should have taken up the offer, would have saved me from having to endure 5 hours on the saddle and a 10' drop. Hahaha...

Next one bro, I promise!

kenny; Pork is your friend ;-)

KL; Better bloody well come next time! Feeling so rejected di ;-)

dear cousin -

you make me very, VERY hungry everytime i visit your blog. sniff. next time must go with you all to experience food sampling! haha

It did not occur to me to equate the shorts with the onion!!

The Rustic Platter looks fantastic!

Since coming to UAE, I have developed a taste for olives. There is a staggering array of olives widely available in supermarkets here where you can buy by the kilos, nothing like the insipid ones found in cans and jars.

And your Rosemary cake sounds intriguing. Do you use fresh or dried?

ken; if hungry, eat...and come with us next time. ;-)

kat; olives are yummy and I use dried rosemary...better shelf life

pah. darn. oh well, at least i was communing with God. (at church camp)....that should be better than stuffing my face with pork right? hmmm, i'll have to think this one through. ..... ok ok, God wins.

I can't believe you had to think about it Cheng Yi. ;-) Of course God wins...he made pork! ;-)

i've got to say your Rosemary Butter Cake was very interesting. (had it at seksan's..oh, thanks, btw :D ). never knew rosemary could go beyond savoury dishes. the touch of salt brought a nice touch to the cake. i lurved it!

by hook or by crook i m definitely bringing someone here to eat !

Someone? Not Jing Fei? ;-) OH NO! ;-)

Honestly was waiting for a far more gory bloodfest pic at the end :P Slightly disappointed.

But the meat looks delish.

As does John.

savante; got lah the pic but decided on the one with human interest rather than just the slab of meat with the tail sticking up ;-)


thank goodness for your pre-warning. but it was very PG la. Was expecting more ... gross. Muahah ...

hungry hungry :P

kenneth; hahaha ;-) better to be safe than sorry! ;-)

Like savante, I was disappointed. In comparison, your warning/tease was scarier.

tummy; all these jaded people. So used to blood and slaughter ;-)

Looks too porky for me! Hahaha...

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i like your posting ,this is the better blog.

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