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Hiatus :-)

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hi all

I just noticed that the time has flown in between my last blog and this one. And it's not fair to those who do check in for me to keep them hanging. I'm going to take a hiatus for now as time just doesn't permit and something has to give. I plan to be spending more time on Twitter now so do follow me on @nigelskelchy

Thanks very much for being so supportive in the past.

Best regards


You are both so busy with work that it's understandable....

Hope to see some updates in the near(-ish) future though. Will miss reading your posts.

Got you on RSS so will be notified when you decide to blog again. In the meantime, take it easy, sweetiepie.

yeah... take your own sweet time bro! Blog only when you have the mood or something interesting to share with us

*hugs bro* I have you on RSS feed as well ;)

Dun worry, bro. Ur totally on my RSS too. And Facebook. And MSN. And Twitter... Eh, how come I don't see you in real-life though? LOL

Nice Well :)

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