Food, life, and fun in my "kampung,"(village), KL (Kuala Lumpur). Did I mention "food?"

Bangkok - from the mundane to the sublime

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Roll 1043We indulged in the whole spectrum.

From Pizza in a chain restaurant all the way to Royal Thai.Roll 1044

From Grasshopper street food to Ruen Mallika.

And Pad Thai in a "Thai Gourmet" place (very ordinary) in Emporium Mall to Jim Thompson's Restaurant on the river.

And of course, the obligatory Sticky Rice with Mango, which, when all was said and done, was disappointing. The best I'd ever had was from a street vendor in Phuket many years ago in a different life. The sticky rice was soft, but chewy, and creamy with that coconutty flavour and the mango was perfectly ripe. Sweet. Succulent. Sigh.

MK Restaurants provides a great, healthy hotpot but this hotpot can be found anywhere in Asia. The only differentiating thing was the unctuous sauce. But even then you know it wasn't authentic Thai Roll 1045but had Thai accents. Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet.Roll 1046

The cakes in the higher end malls were surprisingly good if surprisingly expensive. Take away counters abounded, even our own Secret Recipe was there. But prices ranged from RM7.50 to RM12. And this for take away joints. Sit in and you could comfortably add another 20% to 30% to that.Roll 1047

If there is one thing I absolutely must do when I'm in Bangkok (besides scoping out for fresh sites to see) it's the pandan coconut that you can pick up from a street vendor for 20Baht or RM2. Divine. Slightly smoked. Ice cold. On a hot Bangkok day, it's the closest thing to standing under a cool, cascading, waterfall.

Roll 1048

Roll 1049

Ruen Mallika
189 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok 10110

MK Restaurants
They're all over. We went to the one in MBK

The Pizza Company
Also all over Bangkok

The Emporium Bangkok
A High end shopping mall which has a decent food court and desserts


oh...welkum bk!!

Alws loveee Thailand.. Food, shopping and lifestyle.. sweet!

1st trip to BKK, my fren took me to MK restaurant! LOl. Will alws rmbr tht. Subsequent visits nvr saw me steppin in there again. There's so much more out there thn generic steamboat rite?? ;)

Hello! Twitted you some dining suggestions, but you probably did not receive them. A lot wonderful, authentic Thai Restaurants (beautiful riverside garden atmosphere) over at Rama 3, Thonburi and Pak Nam. But it takes a lot or perseverance to find if one is not familiar, but the Taxi drivers can get you there in a jiffy, only if you can speak the lingo. Bo and Dylan had set up a very impressive Thai Restaurant at Sukhumvit. Mall restaurants are usually not as impressive. Ngak Kwai Low joints.

Glad you had a good time there, and welcome back!

Well, looks like all in all, you had a fun and yummy time in Bangkok.

Welcome home tho! :)

if i learnt from my trip in bkk, its researchin for food b4 i go, bcos i m instantly lost in the busy crowd!

Lurrrve BKK & enjoyed its street food most.

Heheh...i agree with PA. Many more hidden gems in between the soi's and under the bridges ;) Bangkok is always a blast to visit =) *hugs*

TNG, yaaa...but if you're shopping in MBK for instance, it's just easier laa...and quite yummy. But very generic as you say.

Paranoid, no la bro. NO WIFI haiyo. Die man those 3 days. No wifi. No 3g. and Maxis charges RM55/MB

J. yes I did

Joe, we went more for shopping and partying la. As you can see ;-)

Tummy, yes I do love that BKK vibe

Unka, yes. Ruen Mallika was on Soi 22 in some godforsaken alley. :-)

wow! gorgeous guy with gorgeous body in the last pic :) where's that place?

apart from the coconut, you should have tried the fresh tangerine juice.. I can't stop drinking that while in bangkok.

nO China Town?? A lot of great food there...

Thule; ya hor re the bod ;-) It was in a dance club in Silom ;-)

No time la. Mostly shopping. Chatuchak and MBK and Pratunam. AND BOOTS. They were having a Buy 1 Free 1 sale for product. So ended up with lots of X"mas pressies ;-) And moisturiser and pampering stuff. Yum.

excellent cuz.. makes everybody want to have a holiday in BKK, i think! LOL

MK serves the most basic generic steamboat ever. :)
dont even have variations for the soup base, as I recall.
but true lah, after multiple mango pulut over at Khao San Rd, none that's exceptionally sweet, and addictive like the one I had way back in 06.

j2kfm; true, MK was generic, but it was decently fresh, flavours were intense and price was decent. We ordered enough for 4 and still ended up paying only RM30 per head. Can't argue with convenience and comfort. But also realise there's better to be had in BKK's various enclaves.

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