Food, life, and fun in my "kampung,"(village), KL (Kuala Lumpur). Did I mention "food?"

Bali Jaunt Day 2

By Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

I'm finally getting used to the moped/scooter. It's a Yamaha Nuovo and makes this amazing sound like a chicken farting. It's quick, it's wobbly, it has this feather light throttle that makes it jerk ahead, and it makes rubbernecking vewwy, vewwy, difficult.

For instance, there are MANY of these around. Eye Candy that is...


I obviously only got to take pictures of these few OFF the two wheeled contraption from hell. While the slightest motion of my head in the opposite direction of travel would have almost certainly condemned me to a fate of having my head stuck up someone's exhaust pipe.

Anyway, it was with a healthy measure of apprehensive anticipation that we set off this morning on our scooters, to Kuta, after an equally healthy breakfast which was included in that oh-so-affordable room rate.

No sooner had I picked up my vintage cap however, Unkaweence's metabolism had burnt up his remaining stores of brekkie and had to be fed. Poor guy was actually feeling faint. Sigh. To have a metabolism that actually USES up the food rather than stores it.

Anyway, off we go in search of eats and we end up in Made's Warung, Kuta. When I stopped to ask a security guard directions however, it went something like this. "Jalan luRRus ke PERampatan, belok KAnan, luRRus lagi hingga sampai ke Warung Made." All this was accompanied with more singing than speaking (Indons have a great sing-song accent) and the ROLLING of "Arrrs." Needless to say, after asking him to repeat it until he had slowed down to the speed you would speak to a deaf person, I finally figured out he meant "go straight to the junction and turn right."

I promptly go back, tell everyone, and with mystified looks on their faces, Allan and Chui, proceed toward the guard and interrogate him again. They obviously received the same answer and off we went.

Somehow or other, along the way, Fids gets boxed in by some cars and instead of turning right as in "belok kanan" he keeps on going straight ("jalan lurus.")

We get to Made's Warung and immediately the great search for the missing Fidael begins.


To cut a long story short, he made it back in time for lunch, none the worse for wear. Please remember the poor guy is extremely nervous on the back of the scooter and I believe is hanging on with white knuckle determination.


Lunch was a fantastic pork ribs for Allan and Kate, gado gado Nasi Campur for Unkaweence, Papaya Spare Ribs curry for Chui, and Sate babi with Nasi Goreng for me. YUMMO in the extreme! All exotic flavours, all well done. And best of all, at a great value pricing.





Wondering what to have for a sweet, Unkaweence and I settled on a Coconut Milkshake! Omigod, was it the right choice ever. Creamy, coconutty, and not too sweet or milky! Yummmmmmilicious!

Frothy glass of coconutty goodness

After lunch it was a short hop to Kuta Square and more shopping. A relatively mundane afternoon. I'm now glad to say I've seen Kuta and until there's a massive redevelopment of this place to make it look something like we're in Bali, I've seen enough of Phuttayakutakawi for now. No prizes for guessing the "what" I used in the amalgamation of that name.

Whether shopping, lazing around, or just splashing around in the pool, Day 2, was a truly lazy vaykay sorta day.




After attending a thoroughly fun art gallery exhibition by Kirsty Ludbrooke entitled "The Frames In Between" at Biasa Artspace (thanks Yip for bringing us), we scooted (scootered?) to Zanzibar for a dinner of Pizzas, Mezze Platter of breads and yummy dips, and dessert we made our way blearily home to crawl into bed.

I-in, the owner of Biasa Art Gallery, Kirsty Ludbrooke, Allan, Me, Chui, Yip, Fidael :-)


All the beautiful people




Just another day in Paradise.


OMG! Having a relaxing holiday, riding around an idyllic tropical paradise free and wild, with the tropical sea breeze blowing...

Followed by beautiful food, sunbathing and swimming in a beautiful pool, ogling at beautiful people, hanging out with arty farty culture vultures in a beautiful gallery.

You guys make me so jealous. Pass me some Prozac and a Whisky on the rocks please!


ohh...living it up yea!!

PA; aiyo no need laaaaa. A bottle of whisky cukup

nomad;) fer sure. While we can.

the hotel looks gorgeous! definitely the place for my next trip..wait..darnit thats a long way more to go..

hahaha :-) its really good :-)

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